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January 22, 2013

Desperation - Dobby Dobson Track list
  1. Poor Man's Prayer
  2. Desperation
  3. Loving Pauper
  4. Seems To Me I'm Losing You
  5. Wondering When
  6. The Saga Of Sonia & Jean
  7. Someone As Sweet As You
  8. Who's That Man Over You
  9. Oily Rags
  10. Another Heart Is Gonna Break
  11. Sweeter Than Honey
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Dobby Dobson is a prime example of an artist "not fade away". The "Loving Pauper" has been a mainstay in the evolution of Jamaican music since the early 60's and his latest effort, "Desperation", shows the immaculate performer/producer is truly blessed.

Highland Ralph Dobson was born in 1942 in Kingston, Jamaica. During his college years, (alongside future Paragon Howard Barrett) he penned "Cry A Little Cry" for Sonia Pottinger, which opened up the musical door. With Duke Reid, he recorded his signature "Loving Pauper" and "Seems To Me I'm Losing You" that furthered his stature. He partnered with ex-Virtue Brothers bandmate Rupie Edwards and put out some serious works in the 70's, including "That Wonderful Sound" and "Endlessly". Dobson found time to produce The Meditations initial albums and Barrington Levy's very first tune, "Fi Mi Black Girl". He migrated to New York in 1979 and has put out consistent material and has a loyal fan base. In recent years, he has focused on Gospel tinged gems and now resides in Miami.

"Desperation" is a refreshing set of powerful songs; both old and new. Production is credited to Dobson, the great Eugene Grey and Willie Lindo. The bulk of the musicianship is handled by Sly & Robbie but other musical credits remain a mystery. Poor Man's Prayer is a powerful rebuke of the rich who ignore the plight of the poor. Dobby's rich modular tone is undiluted and makes for serious message musik! Desperation is a deeply textured riddim that Dobson rides like a true balladeer. A story of love gone sour that is sweetened up by great drum and key work. Loving Pauper and Seems To Me I'm Losing You have been redone by many artists to varying effect. The originator nails it with great backing from Sly & Robbie; these songs have stood the test of time. Wondering When is a great love ballad on par with Ken Boothe's best output. Solid arrangement from top to bottom!

The Saga Of Sonia & Jean is pure jubilee. Dobby is a superior songwriter and is able to convey his song in storybook fashion; this track will stir you. Someone As Sweet As You demonstrates the wide range of his voice; just a joyous ode of devotion to God and faith in love. Who's That Man Over There depicts the jealousy package that comes along in love and Dobby's delivery is niced up by a modern but swinging Sly & Robbie backbone. Oily Rags tells the tale of devoted love over a tolerable modern Stalag riddim. Another Heart Is Gonna Break is a strong ballad showcasing Dobby's early vocal approach. He has the knack to ride both massive and minimalist riddims and take them to higher levels. He revisits his Sweeter Than Honey nicely here. He takes a trip down memory lane and doesn't hold back the years. This is a crowd favourite at the Sumfest and Rebel Salute festivals. One of his most solid songs.

Dobby Dobson's "Desperation" is a solid affair that focuses on the many aspects of love and the gritty of life itself. He conveys his message truly and it is indeed his most powerful set in recent years. If you are not familiar with his genius or want to hear sounds to stir your soul, then Dobby Dobson's latest is fe you. "Desperation" will give the heart and soul cooperation in any situation! Go deh!!!