Promo Sampler & Remix Sampler
Delus (from Sojah)
Sojah / D&H Music
Pre-release promo copy
April 15, 2009

Track list

Promo Sampler
  1. Di Gal Dem
  2. Gang War
  3. Some Gal A
  4. Tax & Tear
  5. True Love
  6. We Belong together feat. Konshens
Remix Sampler
  1. Gang War ~ D&H Remix
  2. Informaz ~ D&H Remix (JA Version)
  3. Informaz ~ D&H Remix (US Version)
  4. Gangsta Money ~ D&H Remix (featuring Busta Rhymes)
  5. Whatever U Like ~ D&H Remix (featuring T.I. & Nicole Scherzinger)
  6. Gangsta ~ D&H Remix (featuring Mavado & Vybz Kartel)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -
Born Delmark St. Aubyn Spence Jr. on June 18, 1981, in Kingston Jamaica, Delus had a growing passion to fulfill a musical career. Growing up with his father Delmark Spence Sr. and his mother Winsome Spence, he discovered his love for music as his motherís weekend ritual was to play music loudly while cleaning. However it was not until after leaving Morant Bay High School that he attempted to embark on understanding this love for music and started to hang out at studios, mainly the Youth Promotion/Black Roots Studio owned by Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott, thus gaining the much needed exposure and experience of the studio environment and lifestyle. His first recording was as part of the duo Sojah with his brother Garfield Delano Spence a.k.a. Konshens. Their first single was titled "Medz Pon Di Corner" on the Cash Flow label. It went number one in Japan in 2004, which afforded them the opportunity to tour Japan and prompted the release of their Japan-only debut album titled "Sons Of Jah". Songs recorded by Sojah included "Mi Mada" and "Segregation" on Cash Flow Records, "Cyaan Draw Wi Out" on In The Streetz Records, "Real Love" on Vertex Records and "Ratata" on Open Ear Records.

Delus then established his solo career in 2007 and released singles such as "Nymphomaniac" and "Power" for Cash Flow and also "Move" for Rapid Fire. Delus considers himself as not only musically inclined, but an artist who is creative and dabbles his interestís in video graphing. He has shot and edited music videos for artistes such as Bescenta, Warrior King and medleys such as the medley with D' Angel, Mr. Peppa, Delly Ranx, Sojah & Spragga Benz on the 'Womba'-riddim as well as videos for a few young and upcoming artistes. Delus - who is self managed - describes himself as highly persistent and progressive and his music is provocative, as he tends to sing about every aspect of life. The singjay is currently in studio working on new singles. Delus does not consider himself as just a reggae/dancehall artist but as "an entertainer who does music for all ears to listen". He takes up the challenge by expressing his versatility throughout hip hop, R&B, lovers rock, reality, roots & culture and dancehall and almost every recent example of his strong tunes is included on either the promo sampler or the remix-sampler reviewed here.

The promo sampler kicks off with the slack "Di Gal Dem" on the 'Brawlin'-riddim, produced by Chad Mr. G Simpson a.k.a. Goofy for his Youngblood Records, followed by the excellent "Gang War" on the 'Faithful'-riddim, produced by Paul 'Xyle' Yarrau for his Xyle Music and "Some Gal A" on the 'Outada'-riddim, produced by Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid for his Seanizzle Music. Tricia 'ZJ Sparks' Spence is one of the very few radiojocks who can be heard on both Zip FM and Irie FM in Jamaica. She started her radio career at RJR Radio as DJ Wildchild and also played a role in the long lasting Jamaican soap opera Royal Palm Estate. Her 'Wire Waist'-riddim is the latest riddim on ZJ Sparks' label Twelve 9 Records and backs "Tax & Tear", before the slow-jam "True Love" across Carlinton Wilmot's Media House Music 'Ghetto Soul'-riddim, follows. The last tune on this 6-track promo sampler is the soulful "We Belong Together" featuring Delus' brother Konshens and this Sojah tune was produced by Daddy & Hypa for their D&H Music.

The French production and remix duo Daddy & Hypa for their own D&H Music a.k.a. Daddy & Hypa Remixs released the magnificent remix sampler featuring Delus that kicks off with their "Gang War (D&H Remix)", followed by the "Informaz (D&H Remix JA Version)" a masterful remix of the tune across Rootdown Records' 'iLove'-riddim (produced by Thilo 'Teka' Jocks for his own Rootdown label) and then the same tune in its "Informaz (D&H Remix US Version)" getting a genuine US hip hop vibe. And talking about hip hop, Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money" gets the D&H Remixs treatment here with Delus on top in the "Gangsta Money (D&H Remix)" and so does "Whatever U Like (D&H Remix)" featuring T.I. & Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger with great slackness singjaying by Delus on top. The last tune is the "Gangsta (D&H Remix)" 'uniting' in this 'impossible combination Mavado & Vybz Kartel alongside Delus for a very impressive in-your-face anthemic result. Delus deserves to bust as big as his brother Konshens and will hopefully do so soon by releasing a full-length solo-debut-album. This promo sampler and remix sampler do rise the expectations very high for that upcoming release.