Destruction Road
Jah Blue
Soul Beat Records
April 9, 2008

Track list
  1. Destruction Road
  2. Destruction Dub
  3. Bumbo & Rass (aka Man In The Jungle)
  4. Bumbo & Rass Dub
  5. Suffering (aka My People Need's)
  6. Suffering Dub
  7. Cold Europe
  8. Cold Europe Dub
  9. Charles Manson
  10. Charles Manson Dub
  11. I Cry For You (aka Bless Be The Tides)
  12. I Cry For You Dub
  13. Let Live Life
  14. Live Life Dub
  15. Reggae Music Sweet
  16. Sweet Dub
  17. Long Long Time (aka Run Run Come)
  18. Long Time Dub
  19. Rise & Shine
  20. Rise Up & Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 2
Bearing in mind the amount of albums -- not counting the various artists compilations -- that have been released since the dawn of the reggae era, it's obvious that many of them finally reached the status of 'obscure' or 'rare' due to the fact that most albums were pressed in limited quantities and often poorly promoted by the labels on which they appeared. Luckily a number of seemingly lost albums didn't remain undiscovered thanks to the efforts of reissue labels like e.g. Blood & Fire, Pressure Sounds and Makasound, which were fully aware of the growing interest in vintage music.

Over the past years also B.B. Seaton's Soul Beat label played a (minor) role in re-releasing albums, not only of B.B. Seaton himself and of course The Gaylads, but also of Ken Boothe and most recently Jah Blue. In case of the latter, searching for more artist information or historical data will yield almost nothing. However we found out that Jah Blue (real name Noel Evans) was the lead singer and song writer of the vocal trio Tanglewood. The group debuted in 1985 with the B.B. Seaton produced album "Rise And Shine" (Creole Records), which was recorded with studio musicians such as Pablo Hamilton, Willie Lindo, Bo-Peep, Derrick Stewart, Allah Loyd, Robert Lyn, Neville Hinds, Skully, David Madden, Arnold Breakenridge, Glen Da Costa at Dynamic & Music Mountain in Jamaica.

Jah Blue's "Destruction Road" features all tracks from Tanglewood's debut album plus a dub version of each vocal cut. To be honest, this is not an exceptional collection of tunes, but there's enough material included here that justifies the qualification 'beautiful discovery'. Amongst the top-notch songs that represent the very best of this disc are the wonderful album opener and title track "Destruction Road", the moving "Suffering (aka My People Need's)", the stunning "Cold Europe" with its wicked bass line, the awesome "Charles Manson", the uplifting "Let Live Life", and Bumbo & Rass (aka Man In The Jungle)". Besides that it's great to have the dub versions of the songs included as well.

Well worth checking out!