Admiral Tibet
Humal Records

Track list
  1. Why So Greedy
  2. Why Should
  3. My Determination
  4. No Love Without Feeling
  5. Rich Don't Care
  6. I Know
  7. Joy
  8. Where Is The Love
  9. Be Thankful
  10. Letter To Mama
  11. No One Knows
  12. One By One
  13. Give Praises
  14. Joy Of Music
  15. Determination
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the past two years or so we were treated to some great singles from the often overlooked veteran Admiral Tibet (born Kenneth Allen, Freehill, Jamaica, 1960). They were recorded for producer The Great African of Humal Records and were partly released as a kind of forerunner for an announced full length album. Now here's that album, entitled "Determination", and it's truly an excellent set from - in our opinion - one of the leading conscious dancehall singers, although his name is hardly ever mentioned in contrast to artists like for example Luciano and Everton Blender. Maybe it is because the Admiral hasn't exactly flood the market with 45s and albums since he broke in 1985 with "Babylon War" on Sherman Clacher's Arabic Records. "It's better to deliver quality than quantity" could be his device. So, we're pretty sure this album will be more than welcome to his fans and also to those who are longing for some real good reggae music, in other words well produced quality songs, fine arrangements, a distinctive sound and an appealing original vocal style. From beginning to end one is treated to all these musical values. "Determination" is packed with beautiful, entertaining tunes incorporating conscious themes that deal with reality and also matters of the heart performed over fresh original backdrops as well as revitalized classic riddims. With so many highlights included here and every track having it's own merit it's almost impossible to point out the standouts. So, we won't even give it a try and thus just stick to our personal favourites, the ones for which we gladly use the 'repeat' button on our cd player. First of all there's the strong album opener Why So Greedy, which is followed by the awesome "Why Should". Then the wicked singles "No Love Without Feeling" across the wonderful "Smiling Face" riddim, "I Know" and "Give Praises", before we end with "Where Is The Love", the impressive "Letter To Mama" and the very enjoyable "No One Knows".
With this excellent album Admiral Tibet fully shows that his talent is stronger than ever.