Rootsman Stylee
Dezzi D
Vibes House

Track list
  1. 70000 Heathens
  2. Peace & Love with Boom Blaster
  3. One Love
  4. Repentence Time
  5. Natural Woman
  6. Judas
  7. Zion Gates
  8. A Prayer To Jah
  9. Tonight
  10. Call For Unity
  11. Ruling Sound with Boom Blaster
  12. Bad Mind
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4
Put the needle to the record, take a good listen to the tracks while this album is spinning on your turntable and it is obvious by which sound Dezzi D is heavily influenced and inspired. "Rootsman Stylee" contains contemporary reggae music with a strong seventies roots feel. Dezzi D, who has an unique voice, performs in an old time vocal roots style that fits the sound of the utilized 70's style roots riddims very well. The "roots & culture" tunes dominate this set, but one can also find well executed tunes like "Natural Woman" and "Tonight", the latter being a rendition of the Keith & Tex's classic, fully showcasing that Dezzi D is also capable of delivering another kind of songs. Best tracks are the album opener "70000 Heathens", the wicked combination tune "Peace & Love" (incorporating slices of a Horace Andy's "Rock To Sleep" riddim), Repentence Time and A Prayer To Jah. Also noteworthy mentioning are "Zion Gates", which is delivered across a nice rocking riddim, and the slow style roots cut "Ruling Sound" performed in sound clash style with deejay Boom Blaster providing the response to the call of the singer. Dezzi D, an UK based singer, has delivered a solid, entertaining album which will appeal to many roots fans and particularly to those who cherish the kind of reggae music that was created in Jamaica throughout the mid-seventies, although this is definitely a new millenium production.