Digital Rules Riddim
Dreadsquad & Various
Superfly Studio
Digital Release
February 23, 2013

Digital Rules Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Dreadsquad & Marky Lyrical - Leave This Place
  2. Dreadsquad & El Fata - Dancehall Melody
  3. Dreadsquad & Doubla J - Full Time
  4. Dreadsquad, Papa Style & Natty Jean - Civilization
  5. Dreadsquad, Face T & Mikey Dangerous - We Rule The Area (Digital Rules Remix)
  6. Dreadsquad & Kasia Malenda - Appreciate Your Freedom
  7. Dreadsquad & Longfingah - Rocking Time
  8. Dreadsquad & Tomawok - Pull It Up
  9. Dreadsquad & Lisa Bennett - Stay
  10. Dreadsquad & Sammy Gold - Me Only Cry Fe The Sufferer
  11. Dreadsquad & Jahvice - Bible And Buckler
  12. Dreadsquad - Digital Rules Riddim (Version)
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Formed in 2001, Dreadsquad -- initially made up of Polish production/DJ duo Marek Bogdanski and Lukasz Rodziewicz, and now helmed by Marek Bogdanski as a solo project -- has been making waves in Poland and beyond with projects that featured the cream of the Polish reggae and hip hop scene as well as many European and Jamaican reggae artists such as Ward 21, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, U Brown, Milion Stylez, Lady Chann, Tippa Irie, Perfect, and Dr Ring Ding, to name only ten. Dreadsquad's production style often combines reggae, dancehall, ska, and rocksteady with hints of genres such as jungle, breakbeat, garage and dubstep. Besides freely mixing genres, Dreadsquad plays with sounds and bases the music on deep bass and broken riddim.

Dreadsquad's latest effort is a brand new riddim called "Digital Rules", voiced by singers, singjays and deejays from various countries including Canada, England, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, and France. The computerized 'old skool' riddim, driven by a deep digi bassline, incorporates a repetitive keyboard part, a nice clapping sound, and what seems to be a sound sample taken from Gregory Isaacs' "Mind Yuh Dis". It's Marky Lyrical whose indictment against the Babylon shitstem called "Leave This Place" kicks off this 'one riddim' in a decent way. Other tracks that are full of consciousness are "Civilization" by Papa Style & Natty Jean, a song partly delivered in English and French, Kashia Malenda's solid "Appreciate Your Freedom", Sammy Gold's great "Me Only Cry Fe The Sufferer", and Jahvice's "Bible And Buckler". Furthermore there are tunes such as El Fata's "Dancehall Melody", Double J's "Full Time", Longfingah's "Rocking Time", and Tomawok's "Pull Up"that deal with the sound system scene and the music itself. Also worth hearing is "Stay" from sweet-voiced Lisa Bennett, who spices up her vocal delivery with a bit of toasting.

In all this is a solid release throughout, one that once again shows why Dreadsquad has firmly established his name in the reggae/dancehall scene.