In Search Of Black Judas
Darryl Jenifer
October 20, 2010

Darryl Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Black Judas
  3. Trinity Rub
  4. Itz Too Late
  5. Blackvova Love Theme
  6. Over Extension
  7. Away Away
  8. Black Brains
  9. Hey Love Mosh
  10. Song 4 U
  11. Black Slavery Dayz Mosh
  12. Jah Rastafar I
  13. Never Seen A Girl
  14. Babylon Leave Me Alone
  15. Interruption
  16. Outro
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Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Former Bad Brains member, bass player Darryl Jenifer returns to the ROIR label, home to the Bad Brains’ legendary debut album, to release his solo debut "In Search Of Black Judas". By melding punk with reggae, Bad Brains became one of the definitive American hardcore punk groups of the early 80s. Although the group released only a handful of records during its peak, including the legendary cassette-only debut, 'Bad Brains', they developed a dedicated following, many of whom would later form their own hardcore and alternative bands.

This Darryl Jenifer album is not for reggae & dancehall purists. Lovers of dub, Twilight Circus, Dub Funk Association, B.D.F. and/or On-U Sound will be pleased to know that bass player extravagance Darryl Jenifer is alive and kicking! The album is an eclectic mix of heavy hardcore guitar riffs, ultra slow dubbed up sounds and even some mainstream reggae lines, with vocal snippets fading in and out. The album is a concept, not a collection of 16 random tunes, and has a strong chill-out feeling.

Although it's an instrumental set, there's one tune that gives you some vocals. The song Black Slavery Dayz Mosh is a charging reggae groove featuring Bad Brain's vocalist HR's twisted and treated vocals. On the other hand the album offers a tune like Away Away, which is a subtle, melodica driven reggae/dub outing. Trinity Rub is somber with a groaning bass line and sudden guitar outcries, but Daryl Jennifer inventively changes the atmosphere with a jazzy lounge tune called Blackova Love Theme, a perfect tune to sit back and relax! Spacy dub on Hey Love Mosh is followed by the sweet interlude Song 4 U. Nice grooves on Never Seen A Girl, a 'simple' love song, but with an inventive dub layer incorporated. After this comes an echo drenched dub tune called Babylon Leave Me Alone.

Musicians on board are: bass - Darryl Jenifer, guitar - Basil Spliffington, keys - Bubs Williamstone III, percs- Bongo Bill Jones, melodica - Harold G and saxophone- Pete Bittner

As we said before, it's not for the mainstream reggae fan, but it offers so much more!