Bakara/Reggae Radio Zürich - Rootdown/Soulfood
November 10, 2006

Track list
  1. Endlich
  2. Vo De Berge
  3. Din Pulli
  4. Peaceful Riot feat. Namusoke
  5. Pimp My Soul feat. Andrew Robinson
  6. Mädchen Für Alles feat. Nosliw
  7. Mis Ding feat. Guillermo Sohrya
  8. Murder Tune feat. Rebellion The Recaller
  9. Oh No
  10. Falle Lah
  11. Brief Vo Me Ungeborene feat. Cali P
  12. Happy Birthday feat. Salt Of The South
  13. Schnee Vo Geschter
  14. Leu Vo Züri
  15. Usrede
Video Clips
  1. Din Pulli Video
  2. Mis Ding Video
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 4
Though Dodo's parents are Swiss, he's got African roots as he was born 30 years ago in Kenia's capital Nairobi and thereafter the family lived in Abidjan in Ivory Coast before relocating to Switzerland in 1983, where Swiss locksman Dominik 'Dodo' Jud in 1999 first gained nationwide attention in Switzerland as one of the competitors in the Swiss "Robinson Isle" TV-series, even before breaking bigger with tunes about that like his first solo tune "Robinsong" and "Nöd Jedä" as member of hip-hop with reggae and dancehall influences duo Doppelganger which became a force to be reckoned with in the Swiss scene and mainstream. Now however Dodo has gone solo and this debutalbum "Endlich" for Zürich's Bakara Music joins Phenomden's "Fang Ah" as a prime example of very well produced and fine delivered reggae in Schwytzerdütsch. The title song "Endlich" opening this album is a great statement about the relief having finally released his solo debut no matter what it has taken over a wicked Nyahbinghi-riddim produced by German now to Brooklyn, NYC, relocated remix wizard Jr. Blender followed by his plea to legalize his spliffs and tribute to the Swiss mountains "Vo De Berge" over Jahdou Production's 'Mountain'-riddim, laid by Jahdou Production's houseband Vital Roots with wicked a horn section by the Kong Fu Horns, who also contribute the horn riffs to the excellent 'Changes'-riddim from Rootdown Records' Teka backing the superb extremely melancholic "Din Pulli" that was released as the first single from this album. The first guest featured on "Endlich" is the Tanzanian born female singer now living in Switzerland Namusoke who joins Dodo over a self-produced funky soul riddim for "Peaceful Riot". "Pimp My Soul" is a beautiful upful Jr. Blender production of the 'We Must Rebel'-riddim featuring great harmonies and chorus by former Kotch member, now living in Switzerland and often fronting Vital Roots, Andrew Robinson. German sweet voiced reggae singer, Rootdown artist Nosliw is joining Dodo for the beautifully sweet girls tune "Mädchen Für Alles" over a very catchy soulful hip-hop breakbeat bass heavy riddim by Zürich's Payaz. "Mis Ding" features soul singer Guillermo Sohrya on a great self-produced riddim, based not only around horns, bass, keyboards & the programming by Sling And Stone's studio wizard Fabian Brunner, but also on a nice whistled riff, adding to the crossover potential of this tune, that is followed by the combination "Murder Tune" with German Gambian Rebellion The Recaller over once more a very nice self-produced riddim and "Oh No" over Weedy G. Soundforce's 'Da Rule'-riddim, the very nice classic one-drop produced by Weedy Gonzales, Mr. Bandito, B-High Selecta and producer of "Vo De Berge" Jahdou (and voiced furthermore by Luciano, Perfect, Danny English, Tuffy and Queen Omega in combination with Cali P. as well as several upcoming Jamaican artists). "Falle Lah" is a very literal advice to break up to make up over Teka's beautiful acoustic guitar riff based 'I-Love'-riddim, before Cali P., the Guadeloupe born dancehall singer living in Switzerland, is featured over a riddim based on a heartbeat by Payaz for the excellent spoken word protest by an unborn child to be delivered into this world "Brief Vo Me Ungeborene". On "Happy Birthday", a tribute by Dodo to his mother, he is joined by South African choir Salt Of The South for an African-tinged vocal delivery over a soca-tinged - together with Fabian Brunner composed - riddim. "Schnee Vo Geschter" is the song that brought Dodo first to my - and many others - attention, an absolut brilliant love-gone-wrong tune over Teka's magnificent 'Crystal Woman'-riddim with great female backing vocals by Suzha Brunner, followed by the wonderful "Leu Vo Züri" over 'Warrior', the powerful riddim produced by Sam Gilly & his House Of Riddim. The last tune of this very impressive (though harder than the thickest Jamaican patois to understand - thankfully the lyrics are included in the booklet - ) debut is "Usrede", a great diatribe against making excuses and finding them in someone else's actions over a nice handclap based riddim. Dodo Jud has completed his switch from hip-hop to great rootsy reggae very successfully, and "Endlich" certainly deserves a listen even if you don't understand a single syllable in Schwytzerdütsch. As a bonus, the "Din Pulli (Video)" in sedate black & white and "Mis Ding (Video)" as colourful and upful as the tune itself are included.