Do It Again
Osmond Collins
Jet Star
February 18 - 2004

Track list
  1. Trust In The Lord
  2. Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
  3. It's Not Your Will Child
  4. God Is In Control
  5. There's An End To It
  6. Wherever The Blood Flows
  7. I Love You Lord
  8. As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
  9. I Must Be Doing Something Right
  10. Dance Before Him
  11. Do It Again Lord
  12. Blessed Are The Peace Makers feat. Tony Rich
  13. I Know Who Holds My Hand
  14. Looking For A Miracle
  15. Thank You For My Jesus
  16. Reload And Come Medley
  17. There's An En To It (Acapella)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

Osmond Collins hit the stage singing professionally in 1983 and has been going ever since. Having a promising career ahead singing R&B music and as a writer-composer, Osmond Collins worked his way into the hearts of thousands in the US and West Indies. In March 1987 he signed publishing contracts with MCA Records. While preparing to sign an artist contract Osmond experienced a shift in his musical direction. This shift caused him to give up the MCA contracts to pursue a Christian music career/ministry. Among his talents is song writing, both for children and general age group audiences. His ministry incorporates storybooks, teaching books and playwriting and screenplays and so much more. In his own opinion he believes that there are so many ways to reach the world for the glory of God and he’ll try any righteous thing once.
Osmond’s stage presence and his ability to bring forth the Word in song is both mezmorizing and unforgettable. His audience stretches over three continents: Europe, much of Western and Southern Africa, the West Indies and the U.S. where he has resided most of his life. Osmond travels extensively and he continues to be called back again and again by the different nations.
Osmond has released three albums. The first is called "Exalted One" which was recorded in the US and Ghana West Africa with Krystaline Records and was produced by Dennis Washington and Osmond. His second CD is called "Walk the Walk". This project, produced by Jet Star, under the direction of Tony Rich, took Europe by storm. After only a few weeks it has already achieved #1 on the gospel charts and #1 on the Reggae charts and remains in the top 10 on several charts. This same album was also nominated among the top 25 best selling and hot picks Reggae albums for the first quarter of the year 2002 and in 5 categories in the Merlin awards including song of the year and artist of the year.
His recent project is called "Do It Again" and is a decent follow up to "Walk the Walk". Here he once agian teams up with Tony Rich and the result is a top quality gospel reggae album. Here the backing is provided by members of the Ruff Cutt band (an aggregate of North London musicians long considered the UK’s finest reggae group) with Tony Philips, Fish Brown and keyboard player Carlton 'Bubblers' Ogilvie and Groove And A Quarter’s Dwayne Burke, but also Mafia & Fluxy and Sly & Robbie are present here.
Osmond Collins displays an undoubted gift for song writing and delivery from the heart. Blessed with an engaging-voice, this release has a simple charm to it that warms one to the faith-song sentiments being expressed. All of the lyrics and tunes -save a couple- were penned by this classy composer, with standout tracks being Trust In The Lord, It's Not Your Will Child, I Love You Lord and Lord As I Lay Me Down To Sleep which comes across Dennis Brown's 'Love Light' riddim.