Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
Linval Thompson
Third World
October, 1976

Track list
  1. Don't Trouble Trouble
  2. Cool Down Your Temper
  3. Black Princess Lady
  4. Jezebel Woman
  5. Blood Gonna Run
  6. Money Money
  7. Don't Cut Off Your Dread Locks
  8. Jah Jah The Conqueror
  9. Long Long Dreadlocks
  10. Natty Dread Girl
  11. Ride On Natty Dread
  12. No Escape
To my surprise, not an album to be ignored. Linval seems to sing about the same thing all the time but it`s not so. It`s just that he uses some words very often. That`s just his way. He has a good voice - with a Johnny Clarke air - but isn`t noted for his songwriting. He puts words together. This album is in his favour for the variation of rootsy themes in which he is well versed.

"... The poor man need a helping hand, the poor lady need it, the rich man have it and don`t want to give it up, blood gonna run..." He sings of money, that everybody needs it, yes it is the root of all evil. He sings of evil women, he warns the youth `cool down your temper` for there will be no escape from Jah Judgement. He praises Jah. I don`t know whether Bunny Lee`s aggressive "steppin" rydims hinder or help the singer but Linval is at home with Lee`s style. This music is ok.