Don't Give Up
George Nooks
Charm-Jet Star
June 27 - 2004

Track list
  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  2. God Is Always There
  3. Donít Give Up
  4. Got To Understand
  5. Just Out Of Reach
  6. Tribal War
  7. Live Up
  8. Lord Iím Depending On You
  9. I Wanna Show You
  10. Not The Same
  11. Out Of My Mind
  12. Money In My Pocket
  13. No One Else Will Do
  14. My Children
  15. Foundation
  16. Party Vibes feat. Bounty Killer
  17. New Years Resolution
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

In the 70's George Nooks started out as the deejay Prince Mohammed, voicing numerous hit tunes for producer Joe Gibbs, with one of his biggest hits being "Forty Leg Inna Mi Head". In the eighties he kept a low profile and in the early nineties he resurfaced as the singer George Nooks. He enjoyed notable hit success with his covers of Al Green's "God Is Standing By" and Bill Withers' "Lean On Me". In fact George Nooks' remarkable resurgence doesn't come as a real surprise as the popularity of smooth voiced balladeers gathered pace on the contemporary reggae scene. His brand new ĎDonít Give Upí is a testament to the manís longevity. He is blessed with a distinctive, mellow voice and smooth styling that is cut out for a traditional lover's rock groove, but some here you'll also find prime examples of George Nooks' ability to deliver notable conscious efforts that belie any misconceptions of those who might think that he's only a fine singer for the so-called "big people music".
Although the album is entitled 'Don't Give Up', the album is so crammed with hits, it could have easily been called 'Best Of'. Here you will find gospel-fused anthems like God Is Always There, Lord I'm Depending On You (voiced over Bobby Digital's 'One to One' riddim), and a cut of Simon and Garfunkels'Bridge Over Troubled Water, but he gives room for every kind of style as he teams up with the Warlord (Bounty Killer) for the dancehall hit Party Vibes, a tune that has kept dances bubbling for months. One of the biggest hits of 2003 was Tribal War, a Little Roy composition George first sang back in the 70s, but which Lion Paw's Mikey Johnson has revived for today's blooming roots market. George remembers the late great Dennis Brown by covering two fine compositions of the crown Prince of Reggae : Money In My Pocket and (To The) Foundation. My Children is a tearful tale of seperation and real as life. Production credits go to : George Nooks, Mike Bennet & Emanuel, Joe Frasier, Ossie Hibbert, Tony "Ruff Cutt" Philips, Danny Ray, Mixing Finger, Stingray and Vasco Garney to name just a few.
Best of the best album!