Don't Haffi Dread
Morgan Heritage
Jet Starm / Charm

Track list
  1. Reggae Road Block
  2. Caught Into A Trap
  3. Trodding Jah Road
  4. Don't Haffi Dred To Be Rasta
  5. Heart Of A Child
  6. Freedom
  7. Talkin' Bout War
  8. Earthquake
  9. Guess Who
  10. Ready To Work
  11. Crying Out
  12. Don't Go
  13. Smile
  14. World Cry
  15. Send Us Your Love
  16. Reggae Bring Back Love
  17. New Time New Sign
  18. Don't Haffi Dred To Be Rasta (Alternative Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : -
Morgan Heritage's newest release Don't Haffi Dred follows their critically acclaimed album One Calling. On this eagerly anticipated new -Bobby Digital produced- album the family have explored further dimensions to their artistry. They have captured a sweet-spot-in-time utilising live instruments such as guitars, horns and hand drums - an approach of timeless feel, but with a sound that is refreshingly modern at the same time.
Some tracks on the album have a strong Bob Marley & The Wailers feel, Reggae Road Block which features an 'easy skankin' riddim, and the title track revisits Bunny Wailer's 'Battering Down Sentence'. Don't Haffi Dred (Alternative Mix) captures the introspective mood of the band very well by the laid back groove of the music.
Caught Into A Trap and Trodding Jah Road are two fine examples of the strength of the band, superb harmonies, exquisite riddims and a solid groove of drum and bass. How emotional can you get ? Listen to Heart Of A Child and the semi acoustic Freedom and let the flow and spirit of these songs enter into your mind.
The tracks Talkin' Bout War, Gues Who and Earthquake reflect the revolutionary thoughts of the band with an uptempo beat and powerful lyrics. The same intensity is maintained on the wonderful Ready To Work and World Cry (aka People's Cry).
Although the majority of the songs focus on meaningful issues, as well as to promote righteousness an occasional sweet love song makes an appearance, i.e. Don't Go, which features Dean Frazer on sax. More versions of this song can be found on Bobby Digital's 'Double Up Volume 3' cd. Smile is the other love song on the album.
Three older Bobby Digital productions -Send Us Your Love, Reggae Bring Back Love and New Time New Sign- are also featured here. The first is a cut to Derrick Harriot's 'Solomon' riddim and the second is build around Bob Marley's 'Mellow Mood'.
The album is a piece of beautifully arranged music and sublime songwriting, an irresistible set of easy skanking riddims.
Hotta Fire & Jah Jah Earthquake !
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