Brixton Rec
Bristol Archive Records
CD / Limited LP / Download
October 7, 2012

Brixton Rec - Dubkasm Track list
  1. The Soul feat. Tena Stelin
  2. Soul In Dub
  3. The Order feat. Lidj Xylon
  4. Dub Order
  5. Spiritual Warrior Time feat. Tena Stelin
  6. SIM Dub
  7. Jah Bible feat. Ras Addis
  8. Biblical Dub
  9. 102.6 FM
  10. The Soul (Melodica Version)
  11. Earth Rocker
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
Bristol Archive Records have done it again! For the years, this groundbreaking operation has been rediscovering and reissuing THE most original Roots Reggae to ever come out of the musically hot city of Bristol, north of London. Roots lovers from around the world are now familiar with the beautiful sounds of Talisman, Dan Rachet and Joshua Moses, to name a few. Mike Darby and his crew have reinvorgated the popularity of the legendary Black Roots; courtesy of the label's tireless efforts to present the absolute 'Bristol Best'. Now, the label has just released another masterpiece from Digi/Dub Roots champions Dubkasm; aptly titled "Brixton Rec".

Dubkasm is the nucleus of Digistep and DJ Stryda. These two unique talents have a worldwide following with their innovative blend of crucial Digital Roots/Dub inna Steppas style and fashion. They originally linked up in the early 1990's; around the same time as fellow trailblazers Love Grocer, Zion Train, Sound Iration and Nick Mannaseh. Hailing from Bristol, Dubkasm quickly built a devout fanbase with their dubplates being sounded at such heavy duty Sound Systems as Jah Shaka and Aba Shanti. Unfortunately, their only 90's work that was released was a track on 1996's "Dub Out West, Vol. 2".

Like all Jah warriors, they never stopped moving forward. In 2003, Dubkasm launched their own label, "Sufferah's Choice"; an avenue to release their ites musik. DJ Stryda began hosting his hugely successful "Sufferah's Choice" radio show that kept the unit in touch with the scene's most raspected bredrin and sistren. These days, Dubkasm continues to innovate and collaborate to the joy and amazement of fans old and new. These tireless bredrin have a bright future; the sky's the limit and their riddims are withit!

"Brixton Rec" is an exclusive treat on all levels. This release contains unreleased tracks from 1996-1999. The only place these works could be heard initially were at a Jah Shaka dance or at an Aba Shanti session at The Brixton Rec (hence the title of the album) in exclusive dubplate style. The studio tracks were initially recorded and mixed by Digistep at University of Westminster Studios but it didn't stop there. The master tapes would be delivered to the legendary Aba Shanti who would do finishing perfections at Falasha Studio to achieve a balance that would pass the test at one of his dances. This is the first time these master works have been available to the eager massive.

The opening track, "The Soul" is a wicked vocal by the timeless Tena Stelin. This singer is in the same caliber as the legendary Pablo Gad and Norman Grant. His track possesses a strictly Dread vocal approach on top of a bubblin' keyboard and Zion sound scape; a prime example of classic 1990's U.K Steppas style. The dub is a sparse workout that slowly draws you in with great melodica and tastefully arranged overdubs -- wicked. The underrated singer Lidj Xylon shines brightly on "The Order" with a delivery reminiscent of Yasus Afari. "Dub Order" is absolute! The wah wah guitar licks are front and centre and the horn and melodica fading up and down are transcending; almost telling an ancient story. This masterclass brings back memories of early Sound Iration. Tena Stelin comes back again on "Spiritual Warrior Time", just oozing his sound Rasta ideology. This track is strictly original but has crucial Twinkle Brothers backing vox tendencies; really works here. The dub of this beauty is nothing short of amazing. An absolute bin shaker that has a home at any credible Sound System. Bristol's own Ras Addis works magic on "Jah Bible". This elusive Rastaman shows his humble and relaxed approach on top of a totally hypnotic riddim brimming with urgency and experience.

"Biblical Dub" exemplifies the massive mixing talents of Digistep and Aba Shanti; not overbaked, not undercooked, just niceness. We great an exclusive "look" into the live presence of Aba Shanti at one of his Dances. He offers up vocals and live mixing (not an easy feat) and this is overproof as to why he is on par with Jah Shaka. The track is called "102.6 FM" (the home of Sufferah's Choice). Further niceness happens on the melodica version of "The Soul". This is a hauntingly ites effort that brings back memories of Dr. Pablo's heyday; think "Across The River Thames" (On-U-Sounds). The final track, "Earth Rocker" was recorded live at the Brixton Rec and is basically a dubplate of "Jah Bible". The live atmosphere is contagious and just pure control of the sound board.

"Brixton Rec" is one of the more unique collections that Bristol Archive Records has released. Dubkasm is a force to be reckoned with. They give "digital sound" more of an organic appeal if that's possible. Every single track is a state of urgency and a definitive musical doctrine. The U.K. Digi Roots scene has been prominent for a long time now; Dubkasm has the tenacity to thrive and survive and "Brixton Rec" is a history lesson to their no longer secret formula. Big merit on this yah one!!!!