Dub Basket Chapter II
Rupie Edwards All Stars
November 1976

Track list
  1. Abracadabra
  2. Meditation
  3. No Bars
  4. Hanky Panky
  5. Orthodox Inspiration
  6. Skip And Flip
  7. Freedom For The I-Dren
  8. Happiness Is
  9. Having What You Want
  10. Wanting What You Have
  11. The Right Spirit
  12. Never Say Goodbye
Dub albums now are out of style. But here comes Mr Smoothie Rupie with his second chapter. I put my hand in the basket and what do I get, "Abracadabra" it's a rocking sensation. "Orthodox Inspiration" is a iry lickle piece a music me dear sah. It used to name "I Wanna Be Loved By You" I think, but now it gaan dubwise and it still sweet and merry. Cheer up here comes Mr Edwards again. I put my hand in the basket and fool around a while, coming out finally with a thing called "Freedom From The Idren", a latter day rocker with bongos and superb vocals. They don't make music like this anymore. Well congratulations Rupie this must be what you're famous for. If you don't understand a word I'm saying remember that I'm speaking in jest and that the seasons are changing. Now since all that happens when I play dub albums is that I recall an age not so long gone by when the grass was green and the birds were singing, and the young sisters used to giggle and hide their face with the palms of their hands, I can only say that things are not what they used to be 'cause all the young ladies have grown up and are now listening to nothing at all in the absence of a decent reggae show on the air. Now Rupie it's time you did something new and leave the dub alone. That apart, all is well.