Guidance In Dub
Daweh Congo
Charm-Jet Star

Track list
  1. Provherbs Dub
  2. Dub Iration
  3. Guidance Dub
  4. Energise The Dub
  5. I Like Dub
  6. Dub Contentment
  7. Place Dubbing
  8. Dub Moment
  9. Dub Me Love
  10. Dub Petition
  11. Dub Ahoy
  12. People Dubbing
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Dub - in the now familiar sense of radically remixed versions - arrived in 1972,and was largely the contribution of one man : Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby. In those early seventies the first handful of dub albums appeared, usually pressed in very small quantities and disappearing quickly. However, the followers of Dub were the most committed of the Reggae public, which made that hundreds of Dub albums were issued over the next few years. As every craze must, this eventually ran its course, and by the early eighties few Dub sets were being issued in Jamaica. It were UK based dub pioneers like Jah Shaka, the Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood who took over the proceedings in the mid-eighties as they started to release their own Dub excursions. In those days Gussie P was a regular visitor of dances with the Shaka Sound System, thus hearing King Tubby's and Dub almost every week. When he became the resident engineer for the "Fashion" label, which mainly provided a UK mirror to mainstream reggae developments, he actually achieved what he was dreaming of..."sitting behind the mixing desk, fiddling the knobs, balancing up and getting a wicked echo, because that's what moves me." *)
In which way Gussie P has developed his mixing skills in the past 15 years can be fully witnessed on the Dub counterpart to Daweh Congo's "Guidance" album. Every track is a rather full sounding dub interpretation of the original vocal piece, baring Gussie P's admiration for King Tubbs' work, which is expressed through his mixing style of reverb and echo. The dub versions retain snatches of the vocals, often disappearing into themselves due to the echo effects. Sometimes the drum & bass are dropped out, but mostly the mix emphasizes on a hard hitting drum part and a driving bassline.
"Guidance In Dub" is a great companion to the vocal set, but one that stands up as good listening in its own right as well. *) taken from "Sip A Cup with Gussie P", Step Forward Issue 2, January 2000.