Dubs From The Seventh Sense
Jah Rej
Jah Works
12 - 07 - 2003

Track list
  1. Journey Of Life
  2. Rise Again
  3. Dub The Dub
  4. Mambo
  5. Marching On
  6. Nuclear Fallout
  7. Thinking Dub
  8. Earth Summit Dub
  9. Upful Dub
  10. Brimstone & Fire
  11. Ashanti Version
  12. Rootsman Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Jah Rej Forte started producing deep spiritual roots music back in the late eighties and has continued to do so throughout the nineties and in the first years of the new millennium. This artist/producer managed to create a distinctive and unique sound and his Jah Works productions, and especially his blistering dub mixes, have long been favorites amongst the top UK sound systems, particularly the legendary Jah Shaka. With its blend of "modern crispness" and "old school atmosphere", whereby computers and sequencers are not employed and all instruments (excepting drum machine) are played "live", the Jah Works sound became well known by UK roots followers and established Jah Rej as a notable exponent of the UK roots scene. Last year he released an excellent compilation set entitled "Messages From The Seventh Sense", and now we're treated to its dub companion... "Dubs From The Seventh Sense". This great set contains twelve inventive dub mixes, featuring Jah Rej Forte at the mixing controls in his Seventh Sense Studio in Reading, UK. In Jah Rej's own words "Dub is musical Surrealism, a space where 'reality' is distorted and surprising shifts in perception and normality are the order of the day. Reggae has always been rebel music. Dub takes this rebellion onto a different level, where the musical elements are seen in rebellion to the conformity and structure of the song form." And that's exactly what it is all about when you listen to the music on this dub album. From the moody "Journey Of Life" to the haunting "Rootsman Dub", "Dubs From The Seventh Sense" takes you on a wonderful musical journey through a mindblowing soundscape of diverse moods and styles, underpinned by solid bass and rugged drum patterns. Featured here are entertaining heavyweight dub versions of most of the tracks on the "Messages From The Seventh Sense" album, plus two bonus additions in the form of "Brimstone & Fire" - version side of Mene Man's "Who Are You" 12" - and "Journey Of Life", a previously unreleased dub epic from Jah Works dubplate catalogue. All tracks, including standouts such as "Dub The Dub", "Mambo", "Thinking Dub", "Upful Dub", "Rootsman Dub" and the thunderous "Brimstone & Fire", provide a joyful dub experience.
"Dubs From The Seventh Sense" contains some 55 minutes of well worth roots dub music for the avid fan!! Note : "Dubs From The Seventh Sense" is the last release on the Jah Works Label.