Dub Unlimited
Bullwackies All Stars
1976, rereleased February 3, 2006

Track list
  1. Blackheart Dub
  2. Disco Dub
  3. Dub To Jah
  4. Dub Seasoning
  5. Dub Unlimited
  6. Bullwackies Revenge
  7. Uptown I
  8. Hurricane Not I
  9. Dubbing Around
  10. Unlimited Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
This 1976 dub album, originally released on the Senrab label, is yet another great reissue in the string of classic Wackies albums that have been (re)released by Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus a.k.a. Rhythm & Sound, as part of their rerelease program of the complete Wackie's catalog. More on their own releases, whether technodub on Basic Channel or their Rhythm & Sound label can be found at the Basic Channel Website. Dry & crisp riddims, most originally recorded at (Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes' former employer in Jamaica, before he moved to NYC) Treasure Isle and mixed at King Tubby's, given the dub treatment by Prince Douglas and Jah Upton alongside Lloyd Barnes himself at Sounds Unlimited studio on East 24th Street in Manhattan. Opening the album is a dub of Baba Leslie's instrumental "Black Horns" over Wayne Jarrett's 'African Woman'-riddim, dubbed as "Blackheart Dub", followed by a wicked dub of the Love Joys' "Disco Reggae" called "Disco Dub", that is dubbed up again on the eigth track "Hurricane Not I". The riddim of "Dub Unlimited" was used three years later for the Wackies recording of Johnny Clarke's "Pollution" and "Bullwackies Revenge" is the dub version of Lloyd Barnes' 'Chin Chow'-riddim, named after the Chinese restaurant next door, whereas the album is closed by "Unlimited Dub", the great dub reworking of Jah Tuff's 1975 singjay coverage of the Mohammed Ali- Joe Frazier "Thriller in Manilla". This album is another gem that shows how much pleasure this ambitious Rhythm & Sound project of rereleasing the whole Wackies catalog is bringing us reggae addicts.