Dubwise Prayers
Real Eyes Singers And Players
Real Eyes
April 7, 2005

Track list
  1. Nile Horn Steppa
  2. Eye Light
  3. Dub Light
  4. Rootsteppa
  5. Holy Water
  6. Strings Steppa
  7. Strings Steppa Dub
  8. One Breath
  9. Cally Man Special
  10. Looking Through
  11. Rising Dub
  12. Thumper
  13. Final Exit
  14. Flying Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 4
"This selection was manifest on a daily prayer (joy) basis -- Spiritual Revolutionary recorded in the early 90`s, raw rebel style.

Pocci has been recording since 1982 and with Xylon since 1989. In the mid 80's Pocci co-produced music with Nuff Tuff where he met and worked with Ras Xylon and Ras Ishu and released the 12" Vinyl Rasta/Vibes, a tune well received by roots fans and still to this day people bid for this music on the internet, selling for 125 on ebay in a bidding battle. Danny Red (Armagedion 7") rocked the dance. Roots Lepkie and Pocci went on to produce "Last Illusion" which they released on their 'Jah Mountain Fountain' label. In the mid 90`s Pocci met James (Fari & Unity) and they produced "Prophecy" which is available on the Fari & Unity label." (Mark Capocci, Real Eyes producer )

The album opens with "Nile Horn Stepper" -- sparse digital UK roots, inna mid to late 80's Shaka style.

"Eye Light" and its companion version "Dub Lights" sound similar to mid / late 80's Augustus Pablo, with a sad melodica refrain leading the mood.

"Rootsteppa" has a carpet bomb drum and vibrating bass, with cut up male and female voices fading in and out of the dense mix, as brittle digital percussion and splintering piano chops disappear into the silence -- this one is going to sound huge played over a heavyweight sound system.

"Holy Water" has a twisting bass and cracking digi snares sounding like massively amplified inhalation and respiration. This track needs to be played loud to get the full gut churning effect.

If you like very early UK digital roots, such as the first releases out of Alpha and Omega and Conscious Sounds studios, with their minor chord styles and raw sparseness, then you will probably enjoy Real Eyes music.

Some of the tracks here do tend to sound samey at points (as was also often the case with early Alpha and Omega or Conscious Sounds music) -- but the best tunes on this album are hard tunes, which sound intense when played loud with the bass cranked up to the max.

More tunes with Sister Gloria are soon to emerge from Real Eyes Studios, so watch out for them -- She has a beautiful voice which, at its best, lifts this very early UK digital roots style to another level. Check out her earlier tracks "Soldier Martyr" "Dub Lift" and "Mother's Nature "(recorded with Real Eyes) for some reflective and spirtual highs inna sparse UK style.