Charm-Jet Star

Track list
  1. Jah Is Alive with Charlie Chaplin
  2. No Gabbon with Beres Hammond
  3. Jah Line with Sizzla
  4. Rebel With A Cause with Josey Wales
  5. Back To Africa with General Pecus
  6. Ain't Giving Up Spanner Banner
  7. What We Need Is Love with Charlie Chaplin
  8. In This Together with Louie Culture & Terror Fabulous
  9. Psalms 24 with Mutabaruka
  10. In This Time with Sizzla
  11. Hold On Natty with Marcia Griffiths
  12. Born In Famine with Sizzla & Jesse Gender
  13. Jah Guide Us with Alton Ellis
  14. Jah Blessing with Sizzla
  15. Rough Inna Town with Cocoa Tea
  16. Africans Unite with Baaba Maal
  17. Every Man Has His Way with Beres Hammond & Tony Rebel
  18. Mr. Governor with Cocoa Tea
  19. Talking Bout with Morgan Heritage
  20. Neighbourhood Watch with Selvie Wonder
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Jet Star has unleashed a great collection from Luciano focussing on the many combination tracks he has recorded with other artists for Phillip "Fatis" Burrell's "Xterminator" imprint during the period 1993-98. Born in Davey Town, Jamaica, Luciano (real name Jepther McClymont) rose from humble origins to become one of reggae's most prominent artists with innumerable hit singles and albums to his credit since he recorded his debut tune for Herman Chin-Loy in 1992. Soon called the Messenger (or also Messenjah) due to the unswerving cultural and conscious nature of his lyrics, this likable Rastaman launched his career with songs for Aquarius, Sky High, New Name and Big Ship. When Luciano teamed up with Phillip "Fatis" Burrell he started to record tracks that first put him on the reggae map and then brought him to the attention of Island-Jamaica which led to the release of the classic albums "Where There is Life" and "Messenger".
The 20 combination tunes found here result from this same five-year period, when Fatis seemingly had his pick of Jamaica’s most outstanding roots artists, in addition to nurturing such notable discoveries as Sizzla and Luciano himself. All tunes featured on this set are recorded at either Music Works or Anchor (and often voiced spontaneously, with the artists combining right then and there on the spot), and can be reckoned among Luciano's best material. "Duets" features bonafide classics such as "Neighbourhood Watch", "Mr. Governor", "Jah Is Alive", "Psalm 24", "Back To Africa" and "Everyman Has His Way", all originally released on UK 12” by Jet Star, alongside stunning tracks like "In This Together", "Talking Bout", "Jah Guide Us", "Jah Blessing" and "Rough In A Town". Furthermore we're treated to the previously unreleased songs "Jah Line" (showcasing Luciano & Sizzla at the height of their powers) and "Hold On Natty".
Besides the fact that this set gathers many excellent tracks, not to be found on any of Luciano's albums, it also brings us nuff tunes that were previously only available on long-deleted Jamaican 7" singles. Thus "Duets" is a truly great collection of Luciano material that not only captures the Messenger at his very best, but once again confirms Xterminator’s position at the forefront of Jamaica’s modern roots movement. First-class modern roots reggae, not to be missed!!