Counter Attack!
Dub Vision
Big Cup Music
December 5, 2011

Counter Attack! - Dub Vision Track list
  1. Counter Attack feat. Balboa Becker
  2. Cool Summer feat. Hodge
  3. Gimme Jah Love feat. Jimi D
  4. Trod On feat. Don Carlos
  5. Rebel Sounds feat. Wadi Gad
  6. Child Of Israel feat. Malika Madremana
  7. Double O Stash feat. Tony Peebles
  8. Under The Moonlight feat. Don Carlos & Hodge
  9. Mind Yourself feat. Don Carlos
  10. Signs feat. Maka
  11. Extrication feat. Gavin Distasi
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Dub Vision was originally formed as the backing band for reggae legend Don Carlos and has toured with him since 1999, torching the four corners of the world, including the continents of North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Other artists Dub Vision has backed include Dillinger, Charlie Chaplin, Sister Carol, Everton Blender and many other reggae artists. The band hails from sunny California and exists of Toho, Hodge, NightSun, Wadi Gad, Jamie, Gavin, Balboa, Tony, Gabe, Joshi, Eddie Loveletter, Troy and all else who contribute. They have been influenced by "Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Don Carlos, Aswad, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Steel Pulse, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry , Massive Attack, Sade, James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest and anything that moves the soul."

'Counter Attack!' is their first album and features Dub Vision's horn section of Gavin, Gabe, Balboa, Joshi and Tony and many guest vocalists, including Don Carlos, Wadi Gad, Malika Madremana, Jimi D, Maka and Hodge. The album explores several styles of reggae, ranging from the laid back one drop tune Cool Summer featuring lead vocalist Hodge, to the rootsy & jazzy instrumental title track Counter Attack with trombonist Balboa in extremely good shape, to the heavy horns driven dub of Extrication.

Don Carlos is present on three tunes. Trod On is an excellent dub influenced tune, that brings back memories of Augustus Pablo. >i>Mind Yourself is a regular one drop tune, while the super relaxed Under The Moonlight sees Don Carlos and Hodge chanting in fine (echo) style. The use of a flute adds more niceness!

Wadi Gad takes care of the lead vocals on Rebel Sounds, an extremely powerful roots tune inna extended mix. Great song! Gimmi Jah Love is a solid one drop reggae tune, while Double O Stash is a pounding instrumental with Tony on tenor sax. Another noteworthy roots tune here is Signs that features Maka on lead vocals and a nice dub part at the end.

Very nice and surprising debut set!