Dylan Judah
Dylan Judah
Mountain Paradise
September 1, 2004

Track list
  1. Loving Energy
  2. Bread Of War
  3. Nyahbinghi Service
  4. First Class Lover
  5. Sound The Trumpet
  6. The Answer
  7. Zion
  8. Express
  9. World Of Confusion
  10. Fly Free
  11. Love And Joy
  12. See Us Through
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Dylan Hyde aka Dylan Judah helped to form Cannons, (1997-2003), by conoisseurs regarded as one of the West Coast's most skillful and heartfelt reggae bands. Club and festival performances have been the platform for Dylan Judah to sing his songs from Cannons' first two independently produced cd's: "Thanks & Praise" (1999) and "Life-Elements-Vision" (2002), and most recently from his self-named debut album "Dylan Judah". Dylan Judah, who is a prolific singer, songwriter and producer began his musical career as a young drummer, driving the riddim of his teenage ska band Caught In The Act (C.I.A.), 1988-1992. During those formative years Dylan traveled to apartheid-era South Africa, and Jamaica on several occasions. From these most influential and eye-opening experiences, Dylan emerged as an impassioned singer, rooted in the Rasta-life, and committed to bridging the gap between 1st & 3rd worlds, rich and poor, nation and nation, -ism & skism.
Now here's his first solo album, produced by Dylan, engineered and dubbed by the world renown Hopeton Brown better known as Scientist and performed by many members of Cannons with the great addition of legendary drummer Carlton "Santa" Davis (drummer with Peter Tosh and Ziggy Marley, to name a few). The listener is treated to a mature album featuring twelve solid songs worth of hearing. Backed by well played original riddims - a good mixture of roots and dancehall fueled backdrops - Dylan Judah keeps you involved through his appealing message tunes and the dynamic range of his voice. Besides that it's obvious that this set fully benefits from the experienced help of Scientist. Listen to the tracks included here and you'll find words on encouragement, upliftment through unity, love, truth & rights, and much more. Best tracks are "Loving Energy", "Bread Of War", "First Class Lover", "Zion" and "See Us Through".
This is a worthwhile album from a conscious artist who deserves a breakthrough to a wide audience.

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