Album review
Earth Citizen
Natty Nation
Natty Nation

Tracking list

  1. Come home
  2. Brand new world
  3. Save i
  4. Open the door
  5. Save the children
  6. Heart says
  7. Music
  8. Stand in love
  9. Reggae all through the night
  10. Rainbow
  11. Open the door (Flip reprise)
  12. Fertile lands
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

In 1996 Natty Nation released their debut set "The Journey Has Just Begun...". In the review of that album we wrote "The 8 tracks & two dubs, mark the beginning of a journey into a (possible) bright future." Their new set entitled Earth Citizen certainly fulfils our expectations. The band has grown musically and their sound has become richer and more sophisticated. The 12 songs on Earth Citizen, whose themes stretch from personal relationships, sufferation, social commentary and Rastafari make this album thoroughly enjoyable. Outstanding tracks are Brand New World, a very strong track, reminiscent to Aswad (and this a compliment !), Save I is a fine track musing on the glory of Jah, Stand In Love is a real cheesy love song with a catchy hook, Jah Boogie's bassplaying dominates on Reggae All Through The Night thus making the song quite impressive and Fertile Lands showcases the band's concern about pollution and junk food. The only slight imperfection is the "chaotic" reprise of Open the Door, a track that should have been omited from the album.
Earth Citizen is a decent follow up to their debut set The Journey Has Just Begun.., filled with strong tracks, deserving to be heard by all reggae lovers.

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