The Journey Begins
Exile Di Brave
EDB Entertainment
CD / LP / Digital Release
May 7, 2015

Track list
  1. Hungry
  2. Mr. Pretender feat. Kazam Davis
  3. Be Careful feat. Daddy John
  4. This Generation feat. Ras Haile Malekot
  5. Save The Children feat. Juba Lion & Black Indian
  6. If This Is Love
  7. Love Changes
  8. Country Man feat. Jahkime
  9. Complete Me
  10. Till A Mawning
  11. Showing Defiance feat. Abebe Payne
  12. Seek Jah Kingdom First
  13. The Journey Begins
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Although it's obvious that Chronixx and Protoje hold the top spots among the 'Reggae Revival Movement' crowd, it are like-minded Jamaican artists like Jesse Royal, Dre Island and Kabaka Pyramid who are also doing very well worldwide. Also the uprising Exile Di Brave, an authentic talent from Portmore JA, belongs to this new breed of roots artists. He's actually one of the young Jamaican artists who have developed an identity while hosting music events that feature them and their group of artist friends. Exile Di Brave's "Vinyl Thursdays" revived interest in vinyl disc sessions and gave a few upcoming artists such as Micah Shemaiah, Hempress Sativa, Samory and Kazam Davis a weekly chance to dub live.

Exile Di Brave, born Clayton Johnson, first started out doing hip-hop music while going to college in 2003. However, he soon found out that as he became seasoned in honing his musical style and competence, he was being usurped by the inevitable melodies of reggae music. He then started to record songs such as "The Calling", "Voice Of The Young", "Coming Home Soon" and "Rasta Party", and also released his debut album entitled "The Calling" in the fall of 2013. His first full length album was followed by the 2014 released "Voice Of The Young Mixtape", which was done in collaboration with R.B. Sound from Eisenstadt, Austria. And now there's Exile Di Brave's sophomore studio album called "The Journey Begins", which has been released on the artist's own EDB Entertainment label.

The album opens with the compelling "Hungry", an already known serious tune from early 2014 that tells us about the youth being hungry for brainfood and knowledge. It's followed by the first collaboration piece included on this album, the matching "Mr. Pretender" featuring Kazam Davis. This tune is underpinned by a familiar heavy sounding roots riddim. A completely different feel and sound has the decent "Be Careful", the collaboration with unknown deejay Daddy John, which features former Gentleman percussionist Matthias "The Dread" Reulecke on drums. All in all these three songs make a good impression and are a worthy start of this album, with in particular "Hungry" and "Mr. Pretender" fully showcasing Exile Di Brave's songwriting skills. Lyrically he's courageous as well as cultural as is also experienced when listening to solid tunes like "This Generation" (featuring Ras Haile Malekot), "Seek Jah Kingdom First", the collaboration with Dub poet Abebe Payne titled "Show Defiance" and "Save The Children", which features guest appearances by veteran singer Juba Lion & Black Indian. Also worth hearing more than once are the Ambassajah Records in cooperation with R.B. Sound produced "Love Changes" on a real nice rub-a-dub riddim (a relick of 1982's "I'm Not Getting Crazy" riddim), the wonderful love song "Complete Me" and "Country Man" (featuring Jahkime), one of those songs in which Exile Di Brave does some captivating storytelling. It's the excellent "The Journey Begins" that rounds off this album in a great way. Boom tune!!

During a recent show in Europe he said to the crowd: "Y'know, many of you may not know me..." However that will certainly change as "The Journey Begins" unmistakably shows that Exile Di Brave is a force to reckon with in the near future.