Most Wanted
March 28, 2008

Eek-A-Mouse - Most Wanted Track list
  1. Anarexol (12" Mix)
  2. Ganja Smuggeling
  3. Wa-Do-Dem (12" Mix)
  4. Noah's Ark (12" Mix)
  5. Do You Rememeber (12" Mix)
  6. Terrorists In The City (12" Mix)
  7. Wild Like A Tiger (12" Mix)
  8. Operation Eradication (12" Mix)
  9. Star, Daily News & Gleaner
  10. Teacher (12" Mix)
  11. Sensee Party
  12. Christmas-a-come (12" Mix)
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Total votes : 10
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
BONG DING DING!!! Him left his slim ting and gone a foreign and what a lucky thing for us that he did this. Well you know whom I'm talking about now, the Mouseketeer himself. He was born 1957 as Ripton Joseph Hylton in Kingston, Jamaica. Eek-a-Mouse released his first two seven-inch recordings when he was still in college. He changed his singing name to "Eek-a-Mouse", the name of the racehorse he always bet on. He is the originator of that what we call now "Singjay", a mixture between singing and deejaying. His way leads from early recordings for the Mighty Two (Joe Gibbs and Eroll Thompson), holding the mic for sounds like Black Scorpio, Gemini and Virgo to recording sessions for Henry Junjo Lawes. This brought the first 12" record for Greensleeves, named Noah's Ark (also available now as a limited 12" inch record). This tune gave a hint for what was to follow, but when Wa-Do-Dem was released 1981 the Mouse Mania erupted.

This brand new release from Greensleeves records collects some of his best recordings between 1980 and 1984 in their brilliant "Most Wanted" series. Started last year with the Wailing Souls, followed by Yellowman and - the maybe underrated, but to me more than essential - Ranking Dread, it is now superstar time again. The Mouse is holding the mic, the Roots Radics are playing their tuff riddims (except on track 7) and the recording studio is Channel One. Production works are shared between Henry Junjo Lawes and on 4 tunes Linval Thompson. This is a wonderful release, trust me! Starting with the more than powerful 12" inch version of Anarexol to Christmas-a-Come no weak tunes can be found here. Favorites - beside the already mentioned tunes - are Terrorists In The City, Operation Eradication and Sensee Party, beng geng genga beng deng! A must have release without any doubt. To say it as it is: me no like it, me LOVE it!

The final words are form the "Eek" himself, taken from his website (www.eeksperience.com): "As I continue to present this original music to the fans, and the world I will remember, and respect those that have made reggae music what it has become. Music from the downtrodden underprivileged people of Jamaica, a little island in the sun of the West Indies, to an international music of the world. I love reggae, because reggae is me the "EEK". BONG DING DING."

Eek A Mouse : Most Wanted
Eek A Mouse's 'Most Wanted' collects some of his best recordings between 1980 and 1984.

# eek a mouse-terrorists in the city (12" mix) 6.12
cd : most wanted
# eek a mouse-ganja smuggling 3.50
cd : most wanted
# eek a mouse-star daily news & gleaner 3.06
cd : most wanted
# eek a mouse-anerexol (12" mix) 7.22
cd : most wanted