Coming Home
Ephraim Juda
Urban Tree Music
February 1, 2011

Coming Home - Ephraim Juda Track list
  1. Music feat. Boti
  2. Coming Home
  3. Heat Is On
  4. Dawn
  5. Woman Of Mine feat. Boti
  6. Feelin' One
  7. Revolution Time feat. Reedoo
  8. Youths Of Today
  9. Father A Come
  10. Reflection
  11. Too Fast feat. Sara Lugo
  12. It's Over Now feat. Jahcoustix & Boti
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Since German reggae artist Tilmann Otto better known as Gentleman achieved national and international star status, Germany proved to be a fertile ground for homegrown reggae talent. Artists like e.g. Patrice, Sebastian Sturm, Nosliw, Ill Inspecta, Ronny Trettmann, Mono & Nikitaman, and more recently Cornadoor, emerged on the scene with variable success. Some artists enjoyed notable success on a local level, others vanished into obscurity.

In June 2010, a new name appeared on Germany's reggae horizon when Berlin's Ephraim Juda released his debut album "Coming Home" on the Urban Tree Music label. Only very few artists that appeared on the German reggae scene in the past decade were able to deliver modern roots reggae with strong singer-songwriter qualities, and luckily Ephraim Juda proves to be one of them. Ephraim Juda's well varied debut album starts off with a nice mesmerizing acoustic combination song called "Music", which vocally and lyrically instantly attracts your attention and furthermore brings you in a joyful mood. It's followed by the solid "Coming Home", an appealing uptempo tune that is underpinned by a riddim built by the Far East Band, Gentleman's former backing band.

The pace slows down when "The Heat Is On" drops. It's not a bad song at all, but unfortunately it falls down a bit in its last part to keep you involved till the very end. "Dawn" is a decent 'feelgood' tune that perfectly fits the mood of a sunny summer day. With the real nice "Woman Of Mine", another track dominated by an acoustic guitar, Ephraim Juda gives praises to his empress. "Feeling" rounds off the first part of this album, which so far has made a good impression.

The second half of the "Coming Home" set happens to be the strongest part. The combination with Reedo, "Revolution Time", is one of the highpoints, while "Youths Of Today" -- coming with a complety different vibe -- is a standout effort. Consciousness is kept all over with the solid "Father A Come", the only piece that is underpinned by a relick of a classic Jamaican riddim i.e. "Lecturer". Then again an acoustic track drops in. "Reflections" is simply a beautiful tune that can be heard over and over again. For "Too Fast" Ephraim Juda teamed up with another great talent, Sara Lugo, to voice a cut on the "Vitamin" riddim from the French Dub Akom Band.

"Coming Home" is rounded off in the same way it started namely with an acoustic track called "It's Over Now", which once again gives Ephraim Juda the opportunity to showcase his vocal and lyrical abilities. Overall a decent debut from an artist who surely has potential to take his place in the forefront of the German reggae scene. Time will tell whether he will succeed in achieving this goal.