Country Man
Exco Levi
Penthouse Records
Digital Release
March 16, 2015

Track list
  1. Speech (aka My Story)
  2. Country Man
  3. City Life
  4. One Room Shack
  5. One Suit
  6. Suffering Man
  7. Call On His Name
  8. El Shaddai feat. Jahmali
  9. Since I Throw The Comb Away
  10. Natty Haffi Long
  11. Loneliness My Story
  12. Under My Sheet
  13. Storms Of Life
  14. Life In The Factory
  15. Get It In Your Head feat. Romain Virgo
  16. Youth Dem So Violent
  17. Badness No Wear Pon Face
  18. General Penitentiary feat. Micheal Rose
  19. Letter To Jah
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
4 Time Juno Nominee, 4 time Juno Winner Exco Levi (real name Wayneford Omaro Levy) comes up with his first proper album, aptly titled "Country Man" since he was born in Manchester, a rural part of Jamaica. About ten years the incredible reggae singer/songwriter relocated to Canada, where he worked several odd jobs before deciding to pursue a career in reggae music. And although only very few Jamaicans and their descendants living in Canada have been able to cross over into the home market in Jamaica and then make a name for themselves on an international level, Exco Levi has managed to do it in the last four years or so. This says something about the skills and talent of this artist.

After having drawn notable attention with tunes such as "Bleaching Shop", "Storms Of Life", "Walk Wide A Mi" and "Another Bill Again", VP Records unleashed the "Words Of The Wise EP" on digital platforms in April 2014. The 7-track EP contained a few songs that are also included on this "Country Man" set - "Under My Sheet" and "Life In The Factory". For his brand new album "Country Man", Exco Levi has teamed with veteran producer and respected hit maker Donovan German of Penthouse Records, to whom he was introduced by Richie Stephens in 2010.

Most of the tracks featured here basically recount the artist's experiences growing up in Manchester, Jamaica. "It's my story as a yute from rural Jamaica. Mi jus start know Kingston... Crossroads and Coronation Market are jus places mi used to hear 'bout. Me come from the hills of Manchester and this is what the album is all about," says Exco Levi himself. And indeed it is, as can clearly be experienced when you listen to songs like the solid title track "Country Man", the great "City Life" across Penthouse's 1992 "General" riddim (originally The Heptones' "Love Me Girl" from 1967), the beautiful "One Room Shack", the outstanding "One Suit" and the decent "Suffering Man" on the "Nuh Trouble We" riddim. What a great way to start an album as these are all songs that keep you involved!!

And it doesn't stop here. There's more niceness that caresses the listener's eardrums, starting with the powerful sung "Call His Name" across the "Natty Dread a Weh She Want" riddim and followed by the enjoyable lovers tune "Under My Sheet", the previous single "Storms Of Life" on Silly Walks' popular "Honey Pot" riddim (known from Chronixx's hit song "Smile Jamaica"), the killer message tune "Youth Dem So Violent" on the awsome "Every Tongue Shall Tell" riddim and the touching album closer "Letter To Jah".Besides that there are a few collaborations with "Get It In Your Head" featuring Romain Virgo being the best collab effort.

With this album Exco Levi takes his place among people like Protoje and Chronixx in a very convincing way.