Album review
The Electric Boogie EP
WEA Records
03 - 11 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. What You Deserve Is What You Get (Single Mix) - Seeed
  2. Shake Baby Shake (SEEED Reeemix) - Elephant Man
  3. Krazy Party - Ward 21
  4. What You Deserve Is What You Get (Moabit-Remix) - Seeed
  5. Massive - Appear
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Seeed is a German band, founded in the late nineties, with the intention to create a sound of New Orleans-Marching-Style and DUB and Hip Hop. The band consists of eleven (!) persons who over the last year have come to the attention of reggae enthusiasts worldwide, with their riddim, voiced not only by themself but also a host of Jamaican top artists, "Doctor's Darling" - actually a revitalized version of Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" - featured on their successful maxi CD "Waterpumpee" and they have already had Tanya Stephens riding their "Pharaoh" riddim for her tune "Lock Down", also used for the first single and title track from their latest album "Music Monks - The Seeedy Monks". Their newest single is "What You Deserve Is What You Get" over their own "Electric Boogie"-Riddim (previously spoken off as "Boggy Ground"), paired with a song originally scheduled to be included on "Music Monks" and live favorite on their current 'Ride Again'-tour: the combination tune with Elephant Man "Shake Baby Shake", and Ward 21's "Krazy Party", in some more examples of Jamaican artists riding Germaican riddims to full effect. Furthermore a strong, more Indian sound influenced hiphop remix of "What You Deserve Is What You Get" with some great scratching by DJ Illvibe, Seeed's turntablist involved in not only Lychee Lassi, but with 3 MC's forming Moabit, who recently have been responsible for the 2step remix of Sean Paul's "Get Busy" and Asian Dub Foundation's "Fortress Europe" remix. The last track of this EP is featuring a Seeed side project as well: Appear is the name one of Seeed's three vocalists Ear uses for his recent solo-release "Bound Club". Here he is featured with "Massive" that takes the dancehall and hiphop influence through jazzy drum & bass into freejazz like much of the songs on his own EP. 7" releases of the "Electric Boogie"-Riddim will feature CéCile with "Freaky Freak", Kiprich with "We Nah Go Run", Chico with "Money Makes The World Go Round" and "Alarm" by Nosliw, who had a very successful take on "Doctor's Darling" featured on his "In Vollen Zügen EP". More on the 7" releases can be found at Germaican Records, more on Seeed and this great release at their own website where versions of the "Electric Boogie" can be downloaded with the code to be found on the cover of this EP.