Enter Into His Gates With Praise
Johnny Clarke
July 1975

Track list
  1. Enter Into His Gates With Praise
  2. None Shall Escape The Judgement
  3. Move Up Rasta Man
  4. Jah Jah We Are Waiting Upon You
  5. Don't Talk Too Much
  6. If You Should Lose Me
  7. Left With A Broken Heart
  8. You Are My Woman
  9. Walk Away
  10. My Desire
  11. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
  12. True Believer In Love
  13. Please Don't Go
  14. In Paradise
"As I approach the gates of Zion I can hear the choir singing" sings Johnny Clarke in "None Shall Escape The Judgement". The sound is poetry in motion, a dream fulfilled. Bunny Lee, the hitmaker, makes the best but the best Jamaican rhythms. The first three tracks are Johnny`s biggest hits to date. For me they have all that is good about Jamaican music. Fluidity of movement, a subject matter that is trendy and uniquely Jamaican, and very momorable and singable melodies and lyrics. They make you want to move and sing. Johnny Has a good voice and Bunny`s studio musicians are the best at their trade. Listen to the guitar and organ riff in unison, the flying cymbals, and the wonderful bass playing. Gutsy music, which cannot be fully appreciated outside Jamaica. A few of the tracks here sound like fillers -- which is a waste, because Trojan have at least two tracks --"Everyday Wandering" and "Julie Don`t You Know" -- that, although they weren`t produced by Bunny Lee, might have been included.