Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion
March 6, 2010

Track list
  1. Kingston Town
  2. Money
  3. Stepping Out feat. David Hines
  4. Global War
  5. Kingdom Of Zion
  6. Humbleness
  7. One Sound feat. Gramps
  8. Moving Out Of Babylon (aka Dung A Babylon)
  9. Mamma Say She Don't Like You feat. I.Eye
  10. Blue Movie Boo
  11. No Cocaine
  12. I Rusalem
  13. Rub A Dub Style
  14. Good Woman
  15. Can't Stand It feat. Dennis Brown
  16. Promised Land
  17. Real Story
  18. America
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
In June 2009 Greensleeves released Alborosie's much anticipated sophomore album "Escape From Babylon" (check its review here), the follow up to the "Soul Pirate" set which was pressed in limited quantities and mainly sold during Alborosie's European tour of 2008. Now there's the reissue of "Escape From Babylon" with a longer title and slightly different tracklist. Actually this "new" Alborosie album is for the American market and features 13 tracks of the initial set along with 5 new tracks including the 2007 hit single "Kingston Town", "Kingdom Of Zion", "Rub A Dub Style", "Blue Movie Boo" and "Steppin Out", the combination with Steel Pulse's David Hinds. To serve (and satisfy) Alborosie's large European fanbase Greensleeves have released these five tunes as Digital EP.

"Kingston Town" was Alborosie's second chartbuster in Europe and the follow up to his 2006 hit single "Herbalist" (banned on Jamaican radio by the authorities for glorifying ganja). Also including "Herbalist" on this album would have made sense, but most likely they wanted to avoid problems with the lyrical content and keep the entire album "radio-friendly". The do-over of Steel Pulse's "Steppin Out" from 1984 is a nice combination tune, which has all ingredients to appeal to reggae fans as well as other music lovers. While "Money" features a Horacy Andy root of all evil sample and its horn line, the awesome "Kingdom Of Zion" samples Barry Brown's If you a wicked man you cannot enter the kingdom of Zion. Listening to these three tunes it's obvious that classic roots reggae strongly influenced and inspired Alborosie and the solid "Rub A Dub Style" with its early 80s dancehall vibe is further evidence. But on the other hand there's also a tune like the very slick contemporary dancehall piece "Blue Movie Boo", which unveils an other side of this dreadlocked skillful singer, musician, writer, engineer and producer.

Alborosie is ready to conquer the US, but are the American reggae fans ready for Alborosie? Time will tell!