Fang Ah
One Ton-Nation Records
April 11, 2005

Track list
  1. Jetzt Isch Ziit
  2. Nume Drum
  3. Ha De Sound
  4. Wänn Lärnemer
  5. Wiedike
  6. Sunshine
  7. Gueti Musig
  8. Gfange
  9. Cha Nüt Defür
  10. Dschungel
  11. Energia (mit Don Rico)
  12. A Jedäm Tag
  13. Fang Ah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
This is the latest release on Switzerland's One Ton Records, the label of Ganglords' bass player Philip 'One Ton'. The Swiss Ganglords started surprising the world with their Jamaican recorded JA top notch artists on their own riddims on their first two albums "Kingston Confidential" and "Burning Up" and have since been somewhat out of the public's eye, until they came back very strong with their "Groovy Situation / Gschpür Das!" a Schwytzerdütsch take by Bligg'n'Lexx on Keith Rowe's classic, that was featured on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 1" 4 years ago, and have lately been extremely succesfull with their 'Bonx It'-riddim, on which Skarra Mucci's name-giving tune was the runner, but the equally strong "Cha Nüt Defür" debut single by Phenom(enal)Den(nis Furrer) made it to "Dancehallfieber Vol. 4". Phenomden is brought back in for more niceness now. Opening this album is the great "Jetz Isch Ziit" Now Is The Time" lovers tune on Rootdown Records' 'Crystal Woman'-riddim, followed by the social criticism of "Nume Drum" over Kingstone's 'Señorita'-riddim and the selfboasting "Ha De Sound" over Germaican Records' 'Valentine'-riddim, both riddims that it were featured prominently on the excellent Germaican Records compilations "Shining Stars Vol. 3" and "Premium Stars". Another Kingstone riddim backs "Wänn Lärnemer", the recently released 'The Truth' which was already reviewed here as the riddim backing Mamadee's "Hör Nicht Auf" on her "Lass Los (Maxi-CD)" and Gentleman's "Wicked Thoughts" on last month's "Intoxication-EP". "Wiedike" is the tribute to the neighbourhood Phenomden lives in, over a fine Silly Walks riddim, followed by a townnet-crew dubbed up feel good riddim (with Dennis Furrer himself on bass) backing "Sunshine". The already reviewed Ganglords produced single "Gueti Musig" is up next, and is immediately followed by the Scrucialists produced other tune on the single "Gfange" and Phenomden's take on the aforementioned very successful Ganglords riddim 'Bonx It' the excellent (yet incomprehensible, even if your German is above par, Schwytzerdütsch is harder for a native German speaker than Patois for a native English speaker) "Cha Nüt Defür". The townnet-crew contributes the bubbling bass driven riddim for "Dschungel" with its very entertaining flow, before the Scrucialists come in again to back the combination with Don Rico of Italy's Sudsoundsystem - which is actually a band, not a soundsystem - "Energia" with its fine horn riffs over the uptempo roots riddim. "A Jedäm Tag" is backed by a riddim by Uptone / Ire Hi-Fi's Andreas Brikalin, who`s also part of the inner circle of Silly Walks Production`s musicians, and who contributed some excellent riddims and production to Nosliw's "Mittendrin" and the Roots Rockers' "Tanzen & Schrei'n", and here the slow rootsy Ire Hi-Fi riddim fits the slower more sung than singjayed delivery perfect. The last and title tune, another socially engaged critical observation, "Fang Ah" is also relying on Andreas Brikalin, this time acting under his Uptone disguise, to round off a musically and delivery wise very convincing full lenght debut by Phenomden, with as far as I understood those also very entertaining lyrics.