Faya Horns Meet Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa
Faya Horns
August 15, 2008

Track list
  1. Rasta Dub
  2. Raging Dub
  3. Dubbing In The Kibutz
  4. African Warrior Dub
  5. City Of Dub
  6. Innat Tatahaf Meens Allah
  7. Third Eye
  8. Angel Dub
  9. Ark Of Dub
  10. Slippery Dub
  11. God Of Dub
  12. King Moses Dub
  13. Merciful Dub
  14. Out Of Bondage
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Lead ínstruments : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Faya Horns, formed by Eric "Rico" Gaultier (saxophone, flute) and Thomas Henning (trombone), are part of the acclaimed Parisian band Faya Dub that established themselves as one of France's finest bands. Formed in September 1998 as the result of a meeting between Reggae and Jazz musicians in the month of May of that same year, Faya Dub played mainly instrumentals developing a universal side of the "black roots music" through Reggae, Dub, Soul and Jazz.

For their side-project the band's horns section, "Faya Horns", have teamed up with the legendary dub and remix wizard Mad Professor and his son Joe Ariwa at their London-based Ariwa studio, who both produced, mixed and recorded 14 tracks for the "Faya Horns Meet Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa" album. Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor dug deep into Ariwa's immense sound archive to select the most fitting riddim tracks for the Faya Horns. The most surprising backdrops heard on this album are those taken from tracks the Mad Professor has recorded in the early 1990s with one of the most underrated UK singers, Alan Kingpin. The riddims for "Merciful Dub" and "King Moses Dub", the latter most likely instantly recognized by vintage roots fans as Tommy McCook's "Plague Of Horn", are fine reworkings of classic Yabby You productions.

Instead of adding weird dub effects to the riddims, trademark of many Mad Professor productions, the focus is on the horn players Eric "Rico" Gaultier and Thomas Henning, who have been given enough room to fully display their skills. It makes it a real joy to listen to this well varied collection of crisp instrumentals as these two musicians show real good mastery of their instrument. Most of our choice cuts come from the first half of the album and include the awesome "Raging Dub", the wonderful "Dubbing In The Kibutz", the solid "African Warrior Dub" with its dominating flute parts, and "City Of Dub". The other favourite tracks are "God Of Dub", "King Moses Dub" and the solemn "Out Of Bondage". Recommended stuff for fans of Ariwa sounds, instrumentals and horns.