Fi Di Dancehall
Sadiki & Delly Ranx
Skinny Bwoy Records-Pure Music Productions
Digital Release
January 16, 2011

Sadiki Track list
  1. Sadiki & Delly Ranx - Jamaican Queen
  2. Sadiki & Delly Ranx - Show Off
  3. Delly Ranx - Toppa Toppa
  4. Sadiki - Thongs & Bikini Jeans
  5. Sadiki & Delly Ranx - Dancing Forever
  6. Delly Ranx - Tell Him No
  7. Sadiki - Hero
  8. Sadiki & Delly Ranx - Girlfriend
  9. Delly Ranx - Nah Let Go
  10. Sadiki - If You Love Me
  11. Delly Ranx - My Everything
  12. Sadiki - Jamaica
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Total votes : 6
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Hot on the heals of his well received lovers rock oriented album "Lifeline", Sadiki comes up with yet another album release. However this time it's a collaborative album as the Jamaican crooner combines forces with fellow Jamaican deejay/producer Delly Ranx. With this 12 track "Fi Di Dancehall" set Sadiki shows that he's blessed with the talent to seemingly effortless switch from smooth, laid back lovers tunes to amusing dancehall crashers. Also Delly Ranx shows some versatility as he handles dancehall beats as well as the occassional 'one drop' riddim with ease.

The album kicks off with "Jamaican Queen", an appealing reworking in 'combination stylee' of Sadiki's hit single "African Queen". The latter was one of the strongest efforts on the "Lifeline" album, and also this new version is a winner. Then ""Show Off"" leaps off the speakers, which means it's time for strictly dancehall niceness. Sadiki and Delly Ranx deliver a solid piece across an infectious, melodic dancehall beat with a real nice groove. It are these kinda dancehall riddims -- reminiscent of those used with notable success by the duo Tanto Metro & Devonte -- that are utilized for most of the tunes that appear on this collection. Delly Ranx goes solo on his 2010 single "Toppa Toppa", which comes across the self-produced, hard-hitting "Saudi Arabia" riddim, while Sadiki delivers the entertaining, partly auto-tuned, "Thongs & Bikini Jeans".

Forces are once again combined for "Dancing Forever", a squeaky clean produced latin flavored tune with Spanish guitar picking. "Tell Him No", another solo effort from Delly Ranx, doesn't make a good impression and is a rather mediocre track. It's easily outmatched by Sadiki's "Hero", which happens to be a solid piece. The inclusion of the acoustic ladies anthem "Girlfriend" is questionable choice, because it doesn't fit the overall vibe of the album at all. The stuttering "Boomerang" riddim underpins Delly Ranx's "Nah Let Go", and just like "Tell Him No" it's not a track that keeps you involved till the very end. More listening pleasure is provided by Sadiki's "If You Love Me". Without any doubt Delly Ranx's best solo effort here is the 'one drop' killer "My Everything", an awesome cut in which he gives praises to Jah. The album is rounded off by Sadiki's "Jamaica", which suffers from the fact that the riddim isn't suited for the singer's vocal style.

Despite a few mediocre tracks, this collection of tunes contains nuff worthy efforts to invest some time to check them out.

"Fi Di Dancehall" is released on Digital format in Japan on January 11th 2011 and will be released worldwide on February 8th, 2011.