Frst Light
Easy Star All-Stars
Easy Star Records / Bertus
May 28, 2011

First Light - Easy Star All-Stars Track list
  1. Don't Stop The Music
  2. Break Of Dawn
  3. First Light (Ramblin' Fever)
  4. One Likkle Draw feat. Junior Jazz & Daddy Lion Chandell
  5. Something Went Wrong
  6. Easy Now Star feat. The Meditations, Tony Tuff & Lady Ann
  7. Universal Law
  8. Paid My Dues
  9. Reggae Pension
  10. In The Light
  11. Unbelievable feat. Cas Haley
  12. All The Way
  13. I Won't Stop
  14. Don't Stop Dub Music
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
When Easy Star Records entered the music scene in 1997 with the release of a 7" single by Rob Symeonn, their house band The Easy Star All-Stars laid riddims for the label's own productions, gathered on "Easy Star Volume 1" and "Easy Star Volume 2 ~ Dancehall Culture". After having released well received albums from The Meditations, Sugar Minott, The African Brothers and Triston Palma, the label started concentrating on issueing projects from their own Easy Star All-Stars. The first album, "Dub Side Of The Moon" (a "reinvention" of the Pink Floyd concept album "Dark Side Of The Moon"), instantly attracted notable attention and brought the band to the four corners of the world. The successful "Dark Side Of The Moon" was then followed by "reinventions" of the concept albums "OK Computer" ("Radiodread") and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" ("Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band"), while recently "Dub Side Of The Moon" got a a dub companion entitled "Dubber Side Of The Moon".

After all these noteworthy projects and having in mind the great original riddims they've created in the past for the label's aforementioned compilation sets, we were very eager to hear the band's first full-length album of original songs. We have to admit that expectations were very high when we started to listen to "First Light", but in the end we simply had to conclude that this 14-track album failed to fully live up to our expectations. Nothing wrong with the live played musical backing of the band, which after all consists of experienced and well-seasoned musicians, but it's the choice of vocalists and sometimes the direction of the music or lyrical content that makes "First Light" a somewhat disappointing affair.

It's obvious that Easy Star All-Stars have attempted to explore new directions, but it doesn't work that well when it leads to tracks such as "First Light ( Ramblin' Fever)", "In The Light", Unbelievable, and "All The Way". When it comes to the lyrical content songs like "Don't Stop The Music" and "Reggae Pension", don't keep you involved till the very end and are nothing at all. Furthermore it's striking to hear that "Break Of Dawn" and the RnB flavoured "In The Light" have the same lyrics. Luckily this collection also contains a few real good efforts including "One Likkle Draw", "Easy Star Now", "Universal Law", and "Paid My Dues".

Without any doubt this album has crossover appeal, and most likely it will easily find its way to the band's American fanbase. However it remains to be seen if that also goes for their fans in the rest of the world.