Sings Sweet Love Songs
Freddie McGregor
Sleeping Giant Music
Digital Release
October 28, 2011

Track list
  1. Tease My Love
  2. No Competition
  3. Love Jah So
  4. First Sight Loving
  5. Sweet Sweet Love
  6. Sweet Music (aka Beautiful Music)
  7. Things Looking Pretty (aka Work Man Song)
  8. Death Angel Is Rising (aka Death Angels)
  9. Run Satan Out Of Your Life
  10. Lovers Rock JA Style
  11. Jah A We Father (aka Love One Another)
  12. The Overseer
  13. Chant It Down
  14. Sitting In The Park
  15. Jah Will Bless You
  16. Love One Another
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3
One of Jamaica's finest vocalists, reggae vet Freddie McGregor, started his career on an orange crate, because he was still too short to reach the mic when at the age of seven added his extraordinary talent to the backing vocals of The Clarendonians. It marked the start of an unbroken music career with albums to the max and a trailer-load of hit songs including the 1981 released single "Big Ship", which catapulted him to the front rank of reggae stars in the immediate post-Marley era, along with Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs.

Throughout his career Freddie McGregor, a great singer who could even make a weak tune sound good, has continuously proven that he could excel on roots as well as lovers songs. This digitally released compilation set, inaccurately titled "Sings Sweet Love Songs" as it also includes a few cultural pieces, gathers 16 vintage tracks produced by Joe Gibbs, Winston "Niney" Holness and Freddie McGregor himself. The first nine tracks of this collection are actually the vinyl album "Love At First Sight" aka "First Sight Loving" from 1982, while the rest of the tracks are taken from the 1981 released "Showcase" LP. From the latter comes the album closer "Love One Another", which inexplicable is included twice ("Jah A We Father" is exactly the same tune, but with a different title). It makes one wonder if this is an official release, also because most of the tracks are clearly dubbed from vinyl). Besides wonderful love songs such as "Tease My Love", "First Sight Loving", "Sweet Sweet Love" and "Sitting In The Park", this collection also includes great roots tunes like "Love Jah So", "The Overseer", and "Chant It Down".

Good to hear these classic Freddie McGregor songs again, still sounding great after all these years.