Album review
Forces Of Nature Volume 2
Jahmali & Yami Bolo
Brickwall-Walboomers Music
11 - 10 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Jahmali - Righteousness
  2. Jahmali - Brimstone And Fire
  3. Yami Bolo - Almighty One
  4. Yami Bolo - Jah Is The Solution
  5. Jahmali - Supermarket
  6. Jahmali - Every Man's Burden
  7. Yami Bolo - Weep Not
  8. Yami Bolo & Cutty Ranks - Pick & Choose
  9. Jahmali - Never Let A Good Thing Go
  10. Yami Bolo - Heart Full Of Love
  11. Jahmali - What's Going On
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

The second instalment of "Forces of Nature" brings together Jahmali and Yami Bolo. Just like the previous volume (Capleton & Sizzla) the cd features many tracks previously available as 7" singles. Most of the tracks here are Bobby 'Digital' Dixon produced sides, except Almighty One by Yami Bolo -a strong tune across the 'Run Di Place' riddim from Kennedy International Records, Jahmali's Supermarket which runs down the Treasure Isle riddim 'I'm In The Mood For Love' inna Sugar Roy production and the Marvin Gaye adaption by Jahmali, What's Going On which is produced by Sheldon Stewart for his Calibud imprint.
Both singers are renown artists, Yami Bolo being the veteran of the two. Spinning the tunes it's obvious that these twelve tunes are the among the best of the best these artists have recorded. Bobby "Digital" Dixon is my favorite producer. He got his nickname because his arrival at King Jammys coincided with the rise of Steelie and Clevie's computerised riddim tracks in 1985. He rapidly learned dub-cutting, voicing and mixing under King Jammy's tuition. Very soon he was to play a pivotal role in the running of the studio and recorded extensively with artists like Sanchez, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks, Chaka Demus, Admiral Bailey and many more. Three years later he formed his own Heat Wave sound sytem, build his own studio and set up his Digital B label. Since then he has become one of Jamaica's leading producers, with top albums by Garnett Silk, Pinchers, Glen Ricks, Sanchez, Admiral Tibet, Shabba Ranks, Dirtsman, Morgan Heritage and Leroy Smart. He is specialised in recreating classics from the past and has released numerous one (or two) riddim albums. With his credentials as a fellow ghetto youth made good, an extensive array of gifted artists and a burgeoning reputation with a wider audience after his work with international acts, Bobby Digital is well situated to stay a leading producer for many years to come.
On this album he licks classic riddims such as 'Love Me Forever' in Jahmali's Brimstone And Fire, while Every Man's Burden is a cut to 'Mellow Mood', a song The Wailers recorded in 1967 for their Wail'n'Soul label. The 'Mr. Bassie' riddim forms the foundation for Weep Not. Recorded several years back is Pick & Choose, an excellent combination tune by Yami and Cutty Ranks across the 'Lecturer' riddim. Heart Full Of Love is one of Yami's strongest tunes and comes across the 'Work It Out' riddim. Finally there's the 'Fade Away' riddim which is revamped by Jahmali in Righteousness aka 'Long Long Time'.
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Teacher & Mr. T.