Album review
Forward The Bass - Dub from Randy's 1972-1975
Impact All Stars
Blood & Fire

Tracking list

  1. Jaro
  2. Maro
  3. Ordinary version chapter 3
  4. Extraordinary version
  5. Wire dub
  6. Shining dub
  7. Easy come dub
  8. Dubwise situation
  9. Last of the jestering
  10. Oh Jah dub
  11. Sabotage in dub
  12. S-corner dub
  13. Just another dub
  14. Upbeat version
  15. Verdict in dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

Britain's leading reggae label, as far as reissues is concerned, Blood and Fire has come up with their 22nd release entitled 'Forward The Bass - Dub From Randy's 1972-1975.'
Steve Barrow has done a great job, again. The presentation is faultless, extensive liner notes, some fine pics (courtesy of Beth Lesser), and further recommendations regarding the productions of Clive Chin/Randy's.
The second dub album from the Clive Chin & Errol Thompson partnership 'Randy's Dub' forms the core of this album. It was originally released in small quantities in 1975 on the Impact ! label. Randy's Studio 17 was only in operation from 1968 untill 1977, but played a major role in the development of reggae music. Producers like Bunny Lee, Lee Perry, Glen Brown, Rupie Edwards and Niney The Observer have recorded countless classic reggae tunes in the small studio at 16/17 North Parade. The studio was set up by Vincent 'Randy' Chin. Errol Thompson became the engineer, and in 1972 Randy's son, Clive Chin took up producing. He released Augustus Pablo's debut set 'This is Augustus Pablo' in 1973 and one of the first dub albums ever, 'Java Java Dub'.
When Errol Thompson left to work with Joe Gibbs, George Philpott, soon followed by Karl Pitterson, were employed as engineer. As other studios had opened (Black Ark, Channel One), and most producers started using Channel One for recording, Randy's Studio 17 closed down in 1977. The Chin family became famous as founders of the now largest independent distributor of reggae music in the world, VP records.
Don't expect dubs with lots of echo, reverb, delay and astonishing sound effects. This is real raw, bare stripped dub, but mixed in a way that one can easily follow the riddim as if it was an instrumental piece.
The choice of riddims is impeccable. 'Jaro' and 'Maro' are versions of Augustus Pablo's 'Java', the first being a Tommy McCook sax version, and the second a clavinet (!) version. 'Ordinary Version Chapter 3', originally featured on 'Java Java Java Dub', includes a dubbing lesson by Erroll Thompson and 'Extraordinary Version' contains some weird sound effects. Both tracks are on Lloyd Parks' vocal cut 'Ordinary Man'.
Carl Malcom's vocal track 'Miss Wire Waist' gets versioned to the max in 'Wire Dub' and the next track, 'Shining Dub' is the dub version of Sweeny's 'Sun Shines For Me' laid down by the Wailers Band. The same band tackles 'Sweeny's 'It Won't Come Easy" in 'Easy Come Dub'. 'Dubwise Situation" is the dub to Tony Tuff's 'What A Situation'. 'Last Of The Jestering" is a dub version of 'No Jestering', followed by a strong version of Ta-Teasha Love's vocal track 'Oh Jah Come'. The Wailers Band lay down the groovy 'Sabotage In Dub' cut, while Skin Flesh And Bones can be heard in ''S-Corner Dub". 'Just Another Man' is reworked twice on this set : "Just Another Dub" and 'Upbeat Version' featuring vocal snatches of Sabrina Williams's original vocal cut. The disc closes with a drum and bass version of Carl Malcolm's 'Judgement Come".
This scorching collection of dubs from the early 1970s, produced by Clive Chin, has to be heard by every reggae fan all over the world. Timeless music inna drum and bass style !

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