Album review
Freedom Of Speech

Tracking list

  1. Weed dem (with Beenie Man)
  2. Run cum-cum (with Silver Cat)
  3. Warn dem (with Beenie Man)
  4. Hip hip hurray
  5. Chant (with Anthony B)
  6. Abortion
  7. Freedom of speech
  8. Visa (with Junior Reid)
  9. Sugar darling (with Gregory Isaacs)
  10. Here I come (with Frankie Paul)
  11. African drum
  12. Fed up
  13. Nice to be important
  14. Girls in the ring
  15. Bump and whine
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Yellowman (aka Winston Foster) was the deejaying sensation of the early eighties. With his inventive and amusing lyrics he achieved the status of superstar. The fact that he was an albino (an outcast in Jamaica) made his early years more difficult than anyone outside of Jamaica can possibly imagine. He endlessly boasted about how sexy, attractive and appealing he was to the opposite sex. Within a matter of months he went from social pariah to headlining act on Jamaican stage shows and his popularity rocketed. The live recorded (on a soundsystem) "Live At Aces" proved hugely successful and was widely imitated. He recorded a number of extremely popular albums for Henry Junjo Lawes and signed for a major deal to CBS as "King Yellow". Fom the mid-eighties on Yellowman lost his leading role on the Jamiacan dj scene. He has been recording for numurous producers and his latest outing is "Freedom of Speech", produced by Jack Scorpio, voiced and mixed at Black Scorpio studio. Backing musicans include Steelie & Cleevie, Donnie Marshall, Jazz Wad, Dwight Pickney, Lacelles Beckford and on horns David Madden, Tony Green, B. Bailey and E. Gale.
Yellowman and Jack Scorpio have invited several in-demand dj's and singers, making "Freedom Of Speech" an above avarage album. Gregory and Yellowman lay down a fine version of the Wailing Souls' 1981 love anthem "Sweet Sugar Plum". Two Black Uhuru tunes (Abortion & Freedom Of Speech =Bull In The Pen) get the Yellow treatment, the Dennis 'Emmanuel' Brown classic "Here I Come" is revitalised with the help of Frankie Paul, Anthony B takes lead vocals on the best track of the album : "Chant". Beenie Man is present on two tracks and Silver Cat growls and howls on the outstanding "Run Cum-Cum". "Bump and Whine" is a funny, danceable Soca tune !
With "Freedom of Speech" Yellowman delivers a fine album, combining conscious & witty lyrics, using several classic riddims.

Teacher & Mr. T.