Album review
From Dubroom Archives Volume Two
Messian Dread
Messian Dread
06 - 11 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Vicious Vic Blows The Bass Amp!
  2. Wolves (7")
  3. Jah Glory #2 Featuring Vicious Vic
  4. In A Drum And Bass Style
  5. Experiment 5: Channel 3
  6. Heroin (Version)
  7. Flee Out Of Her My People
  8. Break Every Chain Dub
  9. No Worry Your Mind (12")
  10. Sure Dread Enters The Dubroom
  11. Standing On Solid Rock (Midi Edit)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Some six months ago we received a copy of Messian Dread's CD "Messenjah Dub" and to be honest... before we inserted the album in the CD player we were somewhat sceptic about the quality of the music produced by this relatively little known Dutch 'internet' artist. However, right from the start it was obvious that this artist really knows how the create some interesting and exciting roots 'n' culture (dub) music, truly well worth hearing. One of the best tracks featured on that album - and also our personal favourite piece, "Jah Glory", was picked up by Kelvin.R of Dub Funk Association who included this track on a compilation set entitled "Roots Of Dub Funk". The track even got airplay on BBC radio."Jah Glory" - here presented in completely different mix, but nevertheless still a very strong piece - is featured on this "From The Dubroom Archives Volume Two" CD, which furthermore contains a "lost track" that wasn't around for some years, Flee Out Of Her My People" and several songs from the "Messenjah Dub" era that didn't make it on that album: In a Drum & Bass Style and the vocal cut of "Wolves". Furthermore there are some collaboration projects "Sure Dread Enters The Dubroom" and "Vicious Vic Blows The Bass Amp" as well as some brandnew tracks - "Heroin (Version)", "No Worry Your Mind" and an upful track called "Standing On Solid Ground". On "Vicious Vic Blows The Bass Amp" and "Jah Glory" Messian Dread is supported by Vicious Vic on bass, while Sure Dread plays keyboards on "Vicious Vic Blows The Bass Amp".
Besides the fact that "From The Dubroom Archives Volume Two" provides a good impression of the works and progression of Messian Dread's works it contains some very enjoyable and entertaining tracks. All in all this CD is well worth checking!.

The cd is not available at the usual on-line stores, but you can check out his site at The Dubroom where you can order it for only $ 7.98 (excl. postage).

Teacher & Mr. T.