Album review
From Rasta To You
Ras Shiloh
VP Records - Walboomers Music
06 - 08 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Complain with Garnett Silk
  2. Rolling With Life Blows
  3. Who Can't Hear
  4. Child Of A Slave
  5. It's The Truth
  6. Give I Strength with Buju Banton
  7. Remember The Times
  8. Save A Little Love For Me
  9. More Than I Can Say
  10. Trodding
  11. From Rasta To You
  12. For Once In Your Life
  13. Far Too Long
  14. Running Away From Love
  15. Men Love Your Women
  16. Are You Satisfied?
  17. Guilty Conscience
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

It was early 1997 that Ras Shiloh attracted attention of reggae followers when "Melchizedek Muzik" released his debut cd, the compilation set "Ras Shiloh & Bredren". Although most reggae artists are high prolific Ras Shiloh only released two more albums and a small amount of singles so far, but nevertheless has been building a name for himself in the reggae community. When legendary producer Donovan Germain released cuts over the resuscitated "Forever Loving Jah" riddim, it was Ras Shiloh's "Who Can't Hear" that definitely belonged to the standouts. As a matter of fact the collaboration between Donovan Germain and Ras Shiloh has always been fruitful and brought the reggae massive great tunes such as the minor classic "Trodding", "Child Of A Slave", and "It's The Truth". Now VP Records in association with Penthouse Records have unleashed Ras Shiloh's much anticipated new album "From Rasta To You", a great album of collected hit singles and newly recorded material. The album highlights not only the singer's vocal talent but also the depth of his self-penned lyrics. This, and the fact that the production quality is first-rate, makes that "From Rasta To You" simply has to be Ras Shiloh's breakthrough set.
Ras Shiloh is one of those singers whose vocal style is strongly inspired by the late great Garnett Silk. As if to make the point, the album kicks off with the post recorded combination tune "Complain", a decent do-over of Silk's classic song across the "Tempo" riddim. Next drops one of the standout tracks included here, "Rolling With Lifes Blows", a bouncing tune with some great lyrics. Another absolutely great piece is his recent single "Who Can't Hear". Of course, the superbly crafted version of Marley's "Forever Loving Jah" riddim is a killer, but it's Shiloh's hymn-like vocals and lyrical delivery that adds so much more to it. The same goes for the unforgettable single from a few years ago, "Child Of A Slave", a truly stunning tune that touches the heart. It's the unusual combination of deep dread lyrics and the 'feel good' reggae riddim that turns this one into a memorable effort. Another winner is the awesome "It's The Truth", a modern roots and culture masterpiece dealing with the evils of money and Babylon system. After the solid combination tune "Give I Strength", which earlier appeared on Buju Banton's "Inna Heights" album, the mood changes a bit and one is treated to a nice effort called "Remember The Times". Two very enjoyable lovers tunes are next. "Save A Little Love For Me" has strong lyrics delivered in fine roots style over an appealing riddim, and also "More Than I Can Say" - actually a cover of Leo Sayer's pop hit - is worth of hearing. Back to roots and culture with the powerful rasta tune "Trodding" and the excellent title track "From Rasta To You", which incorporates a driving bassline and sweet organ parts. Beautifully sung and once again outstanding lyrics are the keywords for "For Once In Your Life", another standout track that can be heard over and over again. "Far Too Long" is a vital matching cut, bringing us more consciousness over a wicked backdrop. Then three lovers oriented songs in a row with the truly beautiful "Running Away From Love" making a serious impression. Ras Shiloh surprises as he largely utilizes a different vocal style reminiscent of old skool r&b singers like for example Curtis Mayfield. But also the wonderful "Men Love Your Women" and "Are You Satisfied" - Ras Shiloh's cut over Tony Rebel's "Jah By My Side" riddim - are well worth hearing. The final track "Guilty Conscience" is a solid piece, rounding off this entertaining album in fine style.
"From Rasta To You" covers a wide range of topics as well as various musical moods and is truly well worth purchasing.

Teacher & Mr. T.