Frost & Wagner
Sonar Kollektiv - Rough Trade
May 5, 2008

Track list
  1. Torch Of Freedom Re:jazz feat. Joy Denalane Frost & Wagner Street Mix
  2. She Walks Alone Eva Be feat. Pegah Ferydoni Frost & Wagner Remix
  3. A Certain Something Taxi feat. Jo Zaundy Frost & Wagner Remix
  4. Superrob Tosca feat. Earl Zinger Frost & Wagner Remix
  5. So Good Today Ben Westbeech Frost & Wagner Remix
  6. Speed Of Sound Kabuki feat. Cleveland Watkiss Frost & Wagner Remix
  7. Klar Jan Delay Frost & Wagner Remix
  8. The Look Into Your Eyes Matthias Vogt Trio feat. Roger Cicero Frost & Wagner Remix
  9. The Sweetest Delusion Deyampert feat. Desney Bailey Frost & Wagner Remix
  10. We Carry On Onejiru Frost & Wagner Remix
  11. Everything Clara Hill's Folkwaves Frost & Wagner Remix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The producers Oliver Frost (keyboards) and Adrian Wagner (drums) live in Berlin. They met in the reggae band “Growing Tree” at the end of the 80s in which famous German selector Barney Millah a.k.a. Kid Frost - indeed Oliver Frost's brother - played back in the days as well. In 2000 they started producing their own stuff as Frost & Wagner, innovating and developing their reggae style music. Traces of other music genres like soul, jazz, hip hop, britpop have an impact on their music as well. And now, after 8 years, finally they release their first album simply titled "Remixes" for Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv collecting some of the very best remixes that have been released as 12"s over the years. Always completely respecting the original tunes and the mood of those originals, still always creating something new and different.

This album showcases Frost & Wagner's excellence at remixing tunes in their completely own reggae style, though influenced by the Vienna scene that has become a center of the Austrian/German/UK 'nu-dub'/lounge/downtempo, as covered in the reviews of Rodney Hunter's "Hunter Files", Tosca's "J.A.C." and "Souvenirs" by Tosca - featuring one half of Austria's G-Stone masters Kruder & Dorfmeister, Richard Dorfmeister alongside Rupert Huber, and that of the other half of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Peter Kruder, taking the spotlight alongside Christian Prommer and Roland Appel from München, who are not only Fauna Flash but also 2/3 of Rainer Trüby's Trüby Trio, and the three of them together as VoomVoom having released their debut album "Peng Peng", as well as Richard Dorfmeister again, alongside Madrid de los Austrias for their "Grand Slam" album. And of course the excellent article Dub Revolution by Gregory Stephens, and several reviews featured on these pages of music coming from the closely to the Austrian scene linked Berlin camp around Basic Channel and especially Basic Channel's 'partner in crime' Paul St. Hilaire.

This album will probably, with its magnificent original vocals on all of the tunes and the remixes being much more reggae-remixes than the music on any of the aforementioned nu-dub and downtempo albums, be easier to appreciate for the less-adventurous reggae enthusiasts, though this is by no means your standard reggae it is fabulous music. It's almost impossible to mention standout tracks as the album is overall extremely strong, but "She Walks Alone", "Speed Of Sound", the uptempo reggae-remix of Jan Delay's "Klar" and "The Sweetest Delusion" are true gems that everyone should give a listen, though that can easily be extended to the other 7 tunes on this collection. And chances are if you listen to this album that you will end up buying it, as for me this is THE remix album of 2008 and I do hope to hear more "Remixes" from Frost & Wagner in 2009!