Album review
Fruits Of The Nazarites
Bakucya Music Production
Promo CD-R

Tracking list

  1. Introduction
  2. Thanks And Praise
  3. Open The Gates
  4. No Justice For The Poor
  5. Take Life
  6. In My Community
  7. Slow Me To Anger
  8. New World Order
  9. You Ain't Moving Right
  10. World Crisis
  11. Ghetto Man
  12. Small Axe (Adapted)
  13. I And I
  14. Jah Power
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

UK-based roots reggae group Nazarites presently consists of Ras Muzai aka Jack Wilson (vocals, lyrics), Rim-Bim (drums), Paul Immanuel Tafari (bass, lead guitar), Al-X (saxophone), Umojah (keyboards) and Ras Chunky (keyboards). Harmony singers are Amber & Naiya. Nazarites have played together for over ten years with various bands and in different shows. Individually they have performed reggae, roots, lovers, soul, funk, soca, jazz and more, traveling across England, Europe, the Carribean and Africa. After years of working for other bands, the rasses came together as one unity and, in 1999, produced the instrumental roots album "Under The Influence" in the Bakcuya Music Studio. In 2000 they were joined by Ras Muzai and produced their brand new album "The Fruits Of The Nazarites", also a Bakcuya Music production.
"Fruits Of The Nazarites" contains 13 serious "roots 'n' culture" tunes including renditions of the Bob Marley songs "Small Axe" and "Roots" (re-titled "I And I"). All backing tracks are laid by real musicians which adds a real "live" vibe to the tunes on this album. The melodic riddims are fresh, well laid and very entertaining. Ras Muzai has a unique voice, which enables him to deliver a powerful vocal performance. However, sometimes he goes beyond the top, which makes that his singing tends to yelling. Thus some of his efforts on this set might not be everyone's cup of tea. Most enjoyable tunes are "No Justice For The Poor", "In My Community", "Slow Me To Anger" and "You Ain't Moving Right".

Teacher & Mr. T.