Chuck Fenda
VP Records
December 14, 2009

Chuck Fenda - Fulfillment Track list
  1. I Am For The Poor
  2. Heights
  3. Getting Serious
  4. Survivor
  5. Cold For The Money
  6. Bad Boy feat. Sammy Dread
  7. Thin Line feat. I Wayne
  8. Herbalist Farmer
  9. Oh Lord Forgive Them
  10. The Devil Is A Liar
  11. Tough Time feat. Bushman
  12. Want To Be Free
  13. Girl You Make Me Cry
  14. Why Should I
  15. Our Father
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Since his breakthrough hit "I Swear", Chuck Fenda -- who recently declared that he has adopted 'The Living Fire' as a new moniker onto himself -- has forged an incendiary name for himself amongst the new breed of cultural singers and chanters that emerged in the wake of the successes of Sizzla, Capleton, Luciano and others.

Born in Brooklyn NY, singjay Chuck Fenda (real name Leshorn Whitehead) always had a special love for music, making a hobby of impersonating some of his favorite entertainers as a youngster. In 1995 and 1996 he frequently traveled between Jamaica and New York. To hone his skills he spent most of his time at King Jammy's studio, where he released singles such as "Shut Yuh Mouth When Bad Man Talking", "Jah It's All About You", "Mi See It Clear", "Badda Badda", and "Lift It Up". In 1997 he decided to relocate to Jamaica to focus on his career, settling at King Jammy's studio and working hard at establishing himself as a strong force in reggae music.

In 2000 he joined the Fifth Element Records family where the real revolution began to take place in the artist's life. Embracing the Rastafarian way of life, Chuck Fenda adopted the 'Poor People Defender' cause and focused on creating heartfelt lyrics about the plight of the poor, while revealing his Afromantic side. At this stage of his musical career he became known for tunes like "Life Ruff Our Deh", the hit "I Swear" as well as "Can't Stop Try", "Respect Mama", "How You Feel" to name a few, all part of his debut album "Better Days" on the Fifth Element label that dropped in 2004. The 2006 smash "Gash Dem & Light Dem", banned from the airwaves in Jamaica due to its highly critical (and popular) stance regarding the islandís political and social status quo, brought Chuck Fenda to the attention of Greensleeves Records and anchored his bestselling album "The Living Fire", which was released in 2007.

And now there's "Fulfillment", Chuck Fenda's third full length studio album, that has been produced by Kemar "Flava" McGregor of No Doubt Records -- except for track 3, which was produced by Shane Brown of Juke Boxx Productions. The album has a variety of mostly great one drop and roots riddims provided by Kemar "Flava" McGregor, including the brand new "Ghetto" riddim ("I Am For The Poor"), the "83" riddim ("Heights"), the "Rocksteady" riddim ("Survivor"), the "Drop It" riddim ("Herbalist Farmer"), the "Sweet" riddim ("Oh Lord Forgive Them"), and Shane Brown's "Nylon" riddim ("Getting Serious"). Besides the quality riddims there's Chuck Fenda's lyrical ability that enables him to write songs with serious subject matters worth of hearing. Remains the singjay's vocal skills, which up to a point on a few tracks simply aren't on par with the quality of the riddim and lyrics.

However, putting that vocal aspect aside this collection features enough tracks worth the listening like e.g. "Getting Serious", "Herbalist Farmer", "Oh Lord Forgive Them", "Why Should I", the excellent "The Devil Is A Liar", and the combination tunes Thin Line with I Wayne, "Tough Time" with Bushman, and "Bad Boy" with veteran singer Sammy Dread, actually a take on Sammy Dread's "M-16" from Channel One days. Chuck Fenda fully benefits from the fact that his new album has been produced by one of the most talented and best young Jamaican producers around. It makes this "Fulfillment" album his most balanced and best collection of tunes to date.