Album review
Generation Next
Prezident Brown
Chet Records-Sony Music
January 17, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Nyabinghi Intro - Chapter 1
  2. Never Worry
  3. Revolutionary
  4. Oh La La (Pump It Up)
  5. Generation Next
  6. Be Thankful For What You Got feat. Ryan
  7. Nyabinghi Intro - Chapter 2
  8. Tell It Like It Is
  9. Lord Of Lords feat. Beezy Coleman
  10. Hail H.I.M. feat. Chezidek
  11. Ancient Of Days
  12. Harder Than Rock (Many Moons)
  13. Nyabinghi Intro - Chapter 3
  14. Priority Jam feat. Gentleman
  15. Together feat. Xavier Naidoo
  16. Messenger R Us feat. Patrice
  17. Honey Nuh Cry
  18. Sunshine
  19. Blessed With The Power
  20. Unleash The Lion feat. Tomekk
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Prezident Brown - real name Fitz Cotterell - is a very gifted and charismatic conscious artist who truly deserves a place alongside the leading figures of contemporary reggae music. But despite the release of excellent singles and worthwhile albums like for example Prezident Selections (X-Rated/RUNNetherlands), "Original Blueprint" (Digital B), "To Jah Only" (Chet Records) and "Prezident Brown Showcase Volume 2" (Jahmani Productions), he's still one of the most underrated Jamaican artists around. Now here's Prezident Brown's latest album titled "Generation Next", the follow-up to the Kariang produced "To Jah Only", a notable cd that brought the reggae massive a worthwhile collection of spiritually devoted reggae tunes. This new set comes with a completely different vibe and mood than its predecessor. Of course, the music featured here is rooted in reggae - perhaps best expressed by the inclusion of the Nyabinghi interludes - but besides that this cd incorporates a variety of influences including R&B, Soul, Funk, Ska and Hip-Hop. The production is crisp and clear and the musicianship is first rate. As usual Prezident Brown treats us to cultural reggae tunes with deep roots lyrics like e.g. the combination tunes "Hail H.I.M." (with Chezidek) and "Lord Of Lords" (with "Beezy" Coleman), the latter a cover version of the Peter Tosh song "Rastafari Is". But this time there are also some more light-hearted efforts as can be experienced while listening to tunes such as the ska-flavored "Honey Nuh Cry" and the poppy sounding "Sunshine". Standout tunes are the moving "Tell It Like It Is", the wicked "Harder Than Rock (Many Moons)", the autobiographical "Blessed With The Power", the bonus track "Unleash The Lion" and the title track "Generation Next", the latter across a soulful remake of Alton Ellis' "Girl I've Got A Date" riddim. Furthermore we really enjoyed listening to the funky groovin' "Revolutionary", the rendition of William Devaughn's soul classic "Be Thankful For What You Got" and the combination with Gentleman called "Priority Jam".
All in all it's obvious that the Prez not only has delivered his most accessible album to date, but also one that will appeal to a wide audience.

Teacher & Mr. T.