On We Go (EP)
SMD Four Music - Sony BMG
Maxi CD
July 21, 2006

Track list
  1. On We Go (Original Mix)
  2. Caan Hold Us Down feat. Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings
  3. On We Go (Jr. Blender RMX)
  4. On We Go (Far East Band RMX)
  5. Caan Hold Us Down (Uprising Mix)
  6. Caan Hold Us Down (Instrumental Dub)
  7. On We Go (Instrumental)
  8. On We Go (Live At MTV Campus Invasion Würzburg 2006)
  9. Caan Hold Us Down (Live At MTV Campus Invasion Würzburg 2006)
  10. Caan Hold Us Down (Video)
  11. On We Go(Video 1)
  12. On We Go (Video 2)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
As presumably last and fourth single-release taken from his very successful (platinum reaching) 3rd album "Confidence" Gentleman treats us with a double A-sided 7" and 9 tunes plus 3 videos containing "On We Go (EP)". There seems to have flourished something beautiful between German big screen movie pictures and reggae, as after Martin Jondo's "The One" was used for Peter Thorwarth's "Goldene Zeiten", now Culcha Candela featuring Maliq have contributed the title song "Follow You" and Gentleman this tune for the soundtrack of the new Michael 'Bully' Herbig movie "Hui Buh, das Schlossgespenst" and for the latter not only the OST has been released, but also a second album "Hui Buh - Music From And Inspired By The Film" which next to the Culcha Candela and Gentleman songs contains tunes by Shaggy, Rihanna, Patrice's "Soul Storm", Seeed's "Ding", Akon, Nina Sky, Ohrbooten, Will Smith, Speedy, Lumidee, Sam Ragga Band, Martin Jondo's "Are You Really Waiting" and Mustafa Sandal featuring Gentleman in "Kingstone's Señorita Remix" of "Isyankar". Gentleman's "On We Go (Original Mix)" is a simply beautiful acoustic song about life compared to a book of which the plot is yet unknown. The second song on this EP is an excellent example of Gentleman's own talent as producer for his own Bushhouse Music resulting in a wicked combination with his long-time touring partner Daddy Rings and Barrington Levy over a Far East Band riddim, the "Caan Hold Us Down (Original Mix)". Germany's now to Brooklyn, NYC, relocated remix wizard Jr. Blender shows how extremely talented he is, providing a wicked one drop (all instruments played by himself with the exception of the excellent Far East horns) for the "On We Go (Jr. Blender RMX)". And Far East Band drummer Marco Baresi (who was successful as a producer alongside Germaican' Records Pionear with their 'Valentine'-riddim) introduces a beautiful subtle piano-riff in his "On We Go (Far East Band RMX)". Jr. Blender comes in once more for the "Caan Hold Us Down (Uprising Mix)" giving a playful vibe with all the accents and percussion in the right places. Much more meditative is the vibe of the nevertheless equally fine "Caan Hold Us Down (Instrumental Dub)" which is followed by the acoustic "On We Go (Instrumental)" that is able to keep your attention for the full 4 minutes, in my opinion clearly showing what a great composer and producer Gentleman has become. Both songs are also included in the impressive live versions as they were played when Gentleman was headlining a bill also including Joy Denalane at the MTV Campus Invasion 2006 in Würzburg in Germany. As a bonus the great "Caan Hold Us Down (Video)" and both the straight and 'Hui Buh' versions of the "On We Go (Video)" are included (of which you can see and hear the 'Hui Buh' version by clicking its title in the tracklist). A superb Gentleman EP filled with enough music for a short full length album that is an absolute must have!