Get Together : Original Recordings 1970-79
Keith Poppin
KP Productions
December 6, 2008

Keith Poppin Track list
  1. Wailing Time
  2. Righteous Man
  3. New Situation
  4. Hard Time
  5. Weeping & Wailing
  6. Envious
  7. Same Thing For Breakfast
  8. If You Need Me
  9. Love Affair
  10. Fed Up
  11. Oh Lord (It's Too Late)
  12. Hopscotch
  13. Some Of Dem Ago Shame
  14. Hold Not Thy Peace
  15. Who Are You
  16. Fight Against I
  17. Get Together
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
For those who are strongly interested in worthwhile albums with music recorded during one of Reggae's most crucial decades, 1970-'79, we can heartily recommend Keith Poppin's retrospective compilation "Get Together". The latter collects some of Keith Poppin's greatest songs, along with many hard to find 7" singles. The CD has been released by the veteran Jamaican Reggae singer himself, who thus will get paid for his musical efforts, something that has been long overdue.

The tracks gathered here -- most of them have never appeared on CD before -- were recorded at several of Jamaica's most historic studios such as Studio One, Randy's, Harry J's, Channel One and Treasure Isle, and feature some of Reggae's best musicians including Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar, Aston 'Family Man' Barret, Carlton Barret, Lloyd Parks, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace, Jackie Mittoo and Ansel Collins to name a few. All tracks have been re-mastered with loving care to enhance the quality of the original recordings by the audio recording legend Jerry Andrews, the man responsible for mixing most of the best reggae in the world.

Although Keith Poppin unleashed a bunch of 45s in the 1970s that thrilled reggae fans in Jamaica and England, he never achieved a real international breakthrough. His true success has been in his home country where he spent most of his career recording and touring. The album opens with the solid "Wailing Time", a tune recorded at Studio One by the duo Winston (Winston Neufville) & Robin (Keith Poppin), who were first known as a vocal group called The Robins. The next four tracks are credited to Rocking Horse, a vocal group consisting of Keith Poppin, Winston Neufville and Junior Green that recorded for Ernie Smith and Keith Chin (actually Clive Chin's uncle). These typical early Reggae songs are very entertaining and great to hear with "Righteous Man" and "Weeping & Wailing" being our personal favorites.

Keith Poppin's distinctive soulful vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrics come to full expression on the solo tracks that follow, starting off with the 1975 version of "Envious" -- originally recorded at Studio One, but later redone on the "Envious" album for Phil Pratt. It's followed by the Lloyd Campbell produced "Same Thing For Breakfast", a big local hit with Ansell Collins on keyboard giving the song a strong vibe. Next are two real fine lovers tunes to enjoy, "If You Need Me" and "Love Affair". "Fed Up" is another track from the Phill Pratt produced "Envious" album that has been recorded years before it has been redone.

The wonderful "Oh Lord (Is It Too Late)" and the great "Hopscotch" precede two truly outstanding tunes, "Some Of Dem Ago Shame" and the roots anthem "Hold Not Thy Peace", which happened to be one of Dennis Brown's favourite songs. "Who Are You" was another big seller he recorded for Phil Pratt. Then it's the solid "Fight Against I", before another excellent piece, the Glen Brown produced title track "Get Together", rounds off a collection of tunes that have stood the test of time.

If you're a vintage fan then do yourself a favour and purchase this great Keith Poppin compilation, because it's value for money!