Ghetto Child
Charley Anderson
Global507 Productions
Maxi-CD (EP)
November 19, 2008

Track list
  1. Ghetto Child Radio Mix feat. Carlos Garnett On Sax
  2. Ghetto Child Club Mix feat. Carlos Garnett On Sax
  3. Ghetto Child World Hunger Rap feat. Rapper Se7en
  4. Ghetto Child World Hunger Dialogue (Dialogue By Francis Icaza)
  5. Ghetto Child Instrumental
  6. Ghetto Child Instrumental feat. Carlos Garnett On Sax With Chorus
  7. Ghetto Child Accapella Radio Mix feat. Carlos Garnett On Sax
  8. Ghetto Child Accapella Club Mix feat. Carlos Garnett On Sax
  9. Ghetto Child Accapella World Hunger Rap feat. Rapper Se7en
  10. Ghetto Child Accapella World Hunger Dialogue (Dialogue By Francis Icaza)
  11. Ghetto Child Accapella Chorus
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Charley Anderson is a prolific singer, songwriter, composer and producer of critically acclaimed and socially responsible reggae-inspired music. As one of the legendary members of the Two Tone Record Movement powerhouse group, The Selectors, Charley Anderson spread the steely sounds of Jamaica throughout the UK and Europe.

Charley has been involved in social issues throughout his career, working creatively through his songwriting to promote race and gender equality and human rights, raising awareness of the devastating effects of landmines, the plight of children soldiers, the destruction of the environment, and violence against women, among other issues.

Charley and his family now live in Panama where he is working with Latin American and Caribbean reggae artists. He is re-launching his solo career with Global Management Limited, S. A. and Global507 Productions. He's back to promote his new solo album, "Zero Time Project", a mix of popular beats infused with Reggae sounds. <

The first single to be released from this album is Ghetto Child, featuring Carlos Garnett on Sax & the Rapper Se7en delivering the World Hunger Rap. Anderson's view of the plight that face youths around the world is shared through their eyes, from the Ghetto. The rhythmic beats will enchant as Ghetto Child echoes their strife through the dynamic vocals of Anderson and the silky smooth sax of Carlos Garnett.

The CD single brings you real value for money, 11 variations on a worthwhile theme that can't be heard enough. The "World Food Crisis Rap" as delivered by the Rapper Se7en brings to light the conditions faced by children in every part of the world today; no food, rising price of gas, children can't learn 'cause they're hungry, anger rising amongst the populace as the melodic beats created by Anderson carry through crisp and clean. The "World Food Crisis Dialogue" delivered by Francis Icaza, is a clear interpretation through voice of the challenges faced by children.

The instrumental and accapella tracks are made available as a special bonus and as part of an upcoming promotion.

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