Ghetto Story
Atlantic Records
CD (Enhanced)
August 25, 2006

Cham - Ghetto Story Track list
  1. Ghetto Story
  2. Tic Toc
  3. Rudeboy Pledge
  4. Bring It On (Remix) feat. Majic Massey
  5. Don't Test Me
  6. Wah Dem A She Now?
  7. Fat Punnany Girl (Hottie Hottie Girl) feat. Majic Massey
  8. Bad Boys feat. Tia Jean
  9. Boom Boom feat. Rihanna
  10. Talk to Me
  11. Vitamin S
  12. Love It Like That
  13. Girl feat. Jimmy Cheeztrix
  14. Cham
  15. Ghetto Story Chapter 2 feat. Alicia Keys
  16. Ghetto Story Chapter 3 feat. Akon (Bonus Track)
  17. Bad Mind (Bonus Track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Unlike many of his Jamaican dancehall colleagues Cham (formerly known as Baby Cham) isn't a very prolific artist, actually he has never been since he emerged on the scene in 1994 with his first single called "Shoot Out". Under the watchful guidance of veteran producer and Madhouse mastermind Dave "The Stranger" Kelly he has managed to establish his name through a "quality over quantity" approach, which is rarely witnessed within Jamaica's ultra-competitive music scene. Dave Kelly and Cham collaborated for a series of hit singles, all of which have been gathered on the impeccable, 2000 released "Wow... the Story". Six years after the release of Cham's debut dbl album we're treated to his long awaited and much anticipated second full length album entitled "Ghetto Story". Not surprisingly this album is built almost entirely around the strength of its infectious title track, a heart-wrenching tale of a poverty-stricken childhood. The riveting "Ghetto Story" is a truly exceptional song inspired by Cham's own experiences as he survived his share of rough times along the way from Sherlock Crescent to Waterhouse in Kingston, Jamaica. Besides the original version of "Ghetto Story" this album includes two remixes of this killer tune as well. There's a decent one with Alicia Keys, but it's the version with Senegalese-born rapper Akon that makes a far stronger impression. None of the other tracks included on this album are able to match the raw power of "Ghetto Story", but that probably won't surprise anyone familiar with the smash hit. However this doesn't imply that the rest of the tracks aren't worth of hearing! "Wah Dem A Seh Now?" and "Rude Boy Pledge" -- delivered over the "Stageshow" riddim -- echo the seriousness of the title track, whilst "Bring It On" -- the combination tune on the "Eighty-Five" riddim featuring new singer out of Chitown named Majic Massey -- can be reckoned amongst the highlights. The same goes for the boastful anthem "Cham" and his 2003 crossover hit "Vitamin S", which is underpinned by the irresistible "Fiesta" riddim. Besides that the listener is treated to light-hearted tunes like "Boom Boom", rap/dancehall hybrids like "Fat Punanny Girl (Hottie Hottie Girls)" and party joints like "Tic Toc". As a special bonus the cd is enhanced with an application that, for a limited time, unables you to purchase customized edits of Cham ringtones and view the music video for "Ghetto Story" (Jamaican Edit). All in all a worthwhile purchase for anyone who cares about well produced dancehall music!