Album review
Under The Moonlight
Music Ambasasador-Walboomers Music
11 - 01 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Intro
  2. Under The Moonlight
  3. One More Chance
  4. If Walls Could Talk
  5. Speechless
  6. Here's My Shoulder
  7. Seven Days
  8. Let's Stay Together
  9. I Want To Know What Love Is
  10. Caribbean Queen
  11. Slowly
  12. Satisfaction
  13. Tell It Like It Is
  14. Selfish Lady
  15. The Altar
  16. Love You (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Although not everyone is overly fond of the haunting voice of Jamaican singer Ghost - aka Carlton Hylton - one cannot deny that this singer has made some serious impact in the dancehalls in the past decade. In 1998 his self-produced rework of Paul Simon's classic "You Can Call Me Al", entitled "Bodyguard" (featured on his 'Love You' set), was released as a single and - after being a huge underground smash - became a pop crossover hit in the UK. Through this tune Ghost established himself as the "nice guy of Reggae", whose unique trademark of haunting melody, dazzling command of notes and magnificent display for range would bring him a massive breakthrough. Furthermore he's known as the popular Monster Shack dancehall singer and with his ability to select just the right tunes to cover, quite often improving upon the original, he displays his wicked knowledge of music.
The follow up to his aforementioned debut set 'Love You' is entitled 'Under The Moonlight'. This album collects some nice covers and a great deal self-penned songs he wrote in combination with Mikey Bennett. As expected all the songs are about love and other related themes. The bulk of the songs is produced for Monster Shack Music by Ghost and Mikey Bennet. Other producers who have contributed songs are Winston Powell from Stone Love, Patrick Roberts out of the Shocking Vibes camp and Bulby and Fatta from Fat Eyes. Outstanding tunes here are If Walls Could Talk, Here's My Shoulder, Slowly and Love You, here offered in a remixed version.
'Under The Moonlight' will definitely make a strong appeal to all romantic reggae fans.

Teacher & Mr. T.