Thanks & Praise
Gappy Ranks
Hot Coffee Music
June 20, 2011

Thanks & Praise - Gappy Ranks Track list
  1. Thanks & Praise
  2. Longtime
  3. Sweet Love
  4. One Day At A Time
  5. Girl Next Door
  6. Tun Up feat. Russian
  7. Stinkin Rich
  8. Fresh Kicks
  9. English Money
  10. The Road
  11. Peace & Joy
  12. Could A Runaway feat. Delly Ranx
  13. Daylight
  14. Better Must Come
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Total votes : 21
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Last year Jacob Williams aka Gappy Ranks made his debut with the awesome album "Put The Stereo On". That set saw him exploring the music that was popular during the 60s and 70s in Jamaica and the UK. The production team of Chris and Duke Price, both from London based Peckings Records, used Studio One, Treasure Isle and Bunny Lee riddims to create an album that pleased the reggae massive all over the world.

His latest effort "Thanks & Praise" is a different kind of set as Gappy Ranks now joins the contemporary reggae/dancehall scene with its one-drop riddims, dancehall/hiphop influences and its widespread use of the vocoder. The album brings together several tunes from different production houses and uses fresh and original riddims, except for Bob Marley's 'Small Axe' redo One Day At A Time. Here he looks back to the past and asks forgiveness for the mistakes he has done. Great one-drop tune! It comes from the French production house Special Delivery and they have contributed more niceness to this album. The popular Longtime, which can be found on our Hot'n'Fresh charts for some weeks now, is also a Special Delivery production and here he once again looks back to the days of the past. On the romantic side we favour the highly commercial Sweet Love, the fourth Special Delivery production. The opening is a fine one-drop piece, produced by one of UK's top producer/artist Jazzwad. At the end Gappy Ranks closes the album with a semi-acoustic tune called Better Must Come courtesy of the super-creative duo Bost & Bim.

On the dancehall side one finds the hit tune Stinkin Rich from the Italian producer Marcro Marco. From the same producer comes the infectious Girl Next Door on last year's 'Dutty Romance' riddim. Russian joins Gappy Ranks for the dance tune Tun Up, one of our favourites on this album. We skipped the crossover tune English Money, although we're convinced that this tune will appeal to most of the youthful dancehall fans. The mid-tempo conscious tune The Road -- another Special Delivery production -- makes a fine impression and that feeling stays present as we listen to Peace & Joy.

With the next tunes Gappy returns to the one-drop riddims. The awesome Could A Runaway, a duet with Delly Ranx, sees him looking back -- once more -- to his past, to times when "it was so easy to be drugdealer... even though it's hard... looking at my life, I've been through so much stuff... a million times me could a runaway... but me stand firm...", the highlight of the album. Boom Tune!

Although reggae purists will not approve all songs, Gappy Ranks has given us a strong and personal album, making him UK's hope for the reggae future.