At The Grass Roots Of Dub
King Tubby & Lee Perry
July 1975

Track list
  1. King Tubby - Blood Of Africa
  2. King Tubby - African Roots
  3. King Tubby - Rain Roots
  4. King Tubby - Wood Roots
  5. King Tubby - Luke Lane Rock
  6. Lee Perry - People From The Grass Roots
  7. Lee Perry - Crime Wave
  8. Lee Perry - No Justice For The Poor
  9. Lee Perry - 300 Years At The Grass Roots
  10. Lee Perry - King Tubby & The Upsetter At Spanish Town
Grass roots Jamaican music that speaks for the natty locks culture. Instrumental sounds put together by producer Winston Edwards with handpicked musicians: Chinna and Lloyd Willis (guitars), Robbie (bass), Benbow (drums), Glen Adams (keyboards), Tommy McCook (saxes and flute), Bobby Ellis (trumpet), Don Drummond Jnr. (trombone).

The real interest though is focused on the engineering by the ubiquitous King Tubby on side one, and by boss producer Lee Perry on side two, at his Black Art studio. The honours are about equal and the music gripping, if you`re willing to take it for what it is. Each side has one absolute boss track. "Blood Of Africa" and "People From The Grass Roots" are both irresistible rockers dominated by heavy bass and bass drum, and featuring brass predominantly. Both sides are immaculately mixed in the innovative style of the sound master King Tubby with echo cutting in and cutting out, exaggerating and distorting the sound of the drums, cymbals, and rhythm guitar at key points.

Melodies matter very little here and there`s no singing but Tommy McCook in particular blows some nice phrases. The emphasis of course is on rhythm. But these rhythms are something else. Clouds bursting, thunder, lightning. You got to play this loud, leave the treble right up, and switch the bass up and down at leisure.